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Special Promotions

Subscribe to enjoy data, entertainment and lifestyle benefits, and become a SmarTone Plus member automatically. More exclusive privileges and caring services are waiting for you, such as extra 1 hour FREE parking at designated SHK shopping malls, to offer you SmarT Chilling!

SmarT Chillax – All-in-One Enjoyment

Monthly Fee HK$ 298 HK$ 318
No. of SIM 1 2
VAS Bundle Offer
Pay 1-month Service get 10-month FREE
24-month FREE music data# (Value: HK$88/month)
Subscription Offer
Movie Voucher x 2
Local Data^ 6GB + 6GB 4GB
Extra Data 4GB Local Data¡
2.5GB Greater Bay
Area Data+
(Mainland China
and Macau)
4GB Local Data¡
1.5GB Greater Bay
Area Data++
(Mainland China
and Macau)
Shared among Primary
and Secondary SIM cards
Upgrade to Unlimited Local Data* HK$58/month** HK$238/month
Local Voice Mins Unlimited
Contract Term 24 Months
Port In Subscription Offer Free Mainland China Mobile Number for the first 12 months
(Value: HK$18/month)

More Privileges:


Press here for other SmarT Chillax subscription offers

Only applicable to new customers / existing customers with a new subscription or designated existing customers. A designated service plan with 24-month contract subscription and an admin fee of $18 per month are required. A designated number of months of an advance payment of the monthly fee and an admin fee are required. The number of months of an advance payment, the extra data and/or the value of the premium depend on the contract subscription selected.

Local Data^
^Thereafter charge for local data $50/1GB will be charged on ‘Advise and Consent’ basis.

'Advise and Consent' basis: At any time when the local data usage on a plan nearly reaches the monthly allowance, an SMS notification will be sent to the customer. The customer may reply to the SMS to purchase a top-up. If no top-up is purchased, data service will be suspended when the data usage has reached the allowance. Customer may purchase a top-up at any time to resume service, or wait until the beginning of the next bill month to commence service again with the new monthly data allowance. Any unused top-up local mobile data can be carried forward for free and can be used before the end of the next bill month. This is only applicable to designated service plans (1GB or above) with an "Advise & Consent" mechanism for the purchase of top-up data.

¡ Customers can enjoy Extra Local Data offer or Greater Bay Area Data (Mainland China & Macau) offer per month within the contract period upon a designated service plan contract subscription.

++For subscription of designated SuperCare Family Plan, all mobile numbers under the designated Family plan will entitle Free Greater Bay Area Data Service with extra China and Macau data usage (1.5GB/month) within contract period. Greater Bay Area Data Service and free extra China and Macau data usage will be cancelled after the contract expire.

Greater Bay Area Data+
+For subscription of Services Plans at a monthly fee of HK$298/ HK$438, China and Macau data usage of the Greater Bay Area Data Service is calculated based on the usage of the designated monthly service plan with Greater Bay Area Data Service (0.5GB /0.5GB per month) and on the extra China and Macau data usage of the Greater Bay Area Data Service (2GB/3.5GB per month) during contract period. After the contract expire, the extra China and Macau data usage of the Greater Bay Area Data Service will be cancelled.

Upgrade to Unlimited Local Data*
*Under FUP (Fair Usage Policy), when monthly data usage reaches the plan's data allowance, data service continues without speed throttling or data capping, but access to network resources will be given lower priority and data service experience may be affected.

** The special monthly fee HK$58 is calculated based on the original monthly fee HK$168 for Upgrade to Unlimited Local Data, after a contract bonus of HK$110 per month has been given to the customer within the contract period. At the end of the contract, the customer will be charged at the prevailing comparable plan if the customer continues to use the service.

KKBOX Offer: 11-month contract is required for KKBOX; first 10 months service fee offer is calculated based on the original monthly fee HK$49 for KKBOX, after a rebate of HK$49 per month has been given to the customer. Total rebate period of KKBOX is 10 months, applicable to the first 10 bill months of the mobile service plan contract. The rebate will be credited to customer in next bill month upon the service subscription of KKBOX. At the end of this contract, the Company will continue to provide the service and the customer will be charged at the prevailing rate.

# Anytime Music Service Rebate: Subscription to Anytime Music is required within the contract period. Customer can enjoy a monthly rebate for Anytime Music under a designated Plan, the amount of rebate is based on the monthly service charge at the time of service subscription. The rebate on the first bill month and/or the last bill month will be credited on a pro-rate basis based on the number of days of usage during the bill cycle (If applicable). The rebate amount in a bill month will not be greater than the monthly service charge. At the end of the rebate period, the prevailing comparable service will be charged if the customer continues to use the service. During the contract period, the Unlimited data usage under "Anytime Music" is only applicable to the local data usage incurred by listening to music within the designated music streaming apps (Apple Music, KKBOX, JOOX) on smartphone. Data usage incurred by apps download, software update, account registration and login, advertisement, upload, download and live video, non-music contents (including but not limited to the text, images, header files, app analytics, using in-app location based features, and any video/music streamed over VPN) within the designated apps are excluded. When the monthly local data allowance of the plan has been fully consumed and the data service is suspended, the "Anytime Music" service will also be suspended until next bill month and will only be resumed once the customer purchases data top-up options.

Movie Voucher:Vouchers are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. The use of vouchers is subject to the relevant merchant’s terms and conditions. Please refer to the back of the vouchers for details.

(If applicable)Port In Subscription Offer: The customer can enjoy Easy number service per month in first 12-month during contract period when he/she successfully port-in from other mobile operators. Each service plan contract is entitled to this offer once only. At the end of the free service period for Easy number service, unless the customer gives not less than 30 days prior notice to terminate the service, the Company will continue to provide the service and the customer will be charged at the prevailing rate.

Free WiFi service is available to a Customer who has subscribed to a designated FUP Unlimited Local Data Plan.

Other services included: 500 Intra SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, caller number display, call waiting and conference call.