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1Remember to check if your flight supports in-flight roaming^ before boarding, please refer to the images below.

2When the cabin crew announces that mobile devices can be used, you can turn off “Airplane Mode” and enable “Data Roaming” to enjoy in-flight roaming.

3Simply turn on “Airplane Mode” to stop using in-flight roaming.


Is the “Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” available to all customers? Does it cover all kinds of data usage?
“Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” is available to all SmarTone customers with designated monthly service plan subscription. You can go online instantly upon arrival with no SIM swaps and setups, it can be used for email, apps and tethering, excluding peer-to-peer applications and FTP file sharing.
I have used up my entitled roaming days. Can I continue to enjoy roaming data if I do not re-purchase?
When your “Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” has '0' days remaining, an SMS notification will be sent to you. Simply reply to the message accordingly to re-purchase “Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” and continue to enjoy the service. If you do not wish to purchase, data roaming usage will be charged at the standard day rate of “Data Roaming Day Pass”.
Can I continue to go online with full speed after daily data usage reaches 1GB?
Yes. You will receive an SMS after 1GB of full-speed data usage, if you need to continue going online at full speed, simply reply to the SMS to top up 1GB of full-speed data. If you do not wish to top up, the speed will be adjusted to a maximum of 512kbps. You can still use WhatsApp, Google Maps and such smoothly.
What is VoLTE Roaming Service?
VoLTE stands for "Voice over LTE". It enables faster connection and clearer voice calls via LTE network.

If you are in a destination that only supports VoLTE Roaming Service (such as USA where there’s no 2G/3G network coverage), you will need to enable VoLTE Roaming Service to make and receive calls; The system will prioritise the use of VoLTE Roaming Service once you have enabled it. VoLTE Roaming Service enables faster connection and clearer voice calls. Please click here for more details of VoLTE Roaming Service.
If the internet is slow or unavailable, what can I do?

If you encounter internet connection or speed issues, you can try the following:
1.Turn airplane mode on then off to reset the connection; or
2.Manually select other service providers; or
3.Reset your phone's network settings; or
4.Call our 24-hr Toll-free International Roaming Hotline +852 27936397.

Why can’t I access certain apps while using roaming data?
All apps that can be used in Hong Kong can also be used when using the SmarTone data roaming service. If the app sets regional restrictions on Hong Kong, customers can’t access certain apps even if the customer is in an unrestricted area. For details, please contact the app’s developer.
What are the charges of "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack“?

“Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” is charged on a per-day-per-destination basis. “One day entitlement” will be deducted for each day of data roaming usage per destination. "Each day" is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 local time of the visited destination. For destinations with multiple time zones, the time of the capital of the visited destination will prevail. For covered areas, please visit here.

Moreover, "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack" supports in-flight roaming, a day of entitlement will be deducted for its use. If you use in-flight roaming and data roaming upon arrival on the same day, a total of two days will be deducted.

If I use in Mainland and Macau, or in different destinations in Europe on the same day, what are the charges?

One day will be deducted for every day you use. 'A day' is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 local time of the visited destination.
Using data roaming in both Mainland and Macau on the same day will only deduct one day;
Using data roaming in two or more designated destinations in Europe will deduct a maximum of two days.

My monthly plan has already included mainland and Macau data, if I purchase "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack", which one of them will be consumed first when I use roaming data?
We will deduct from the Mainland and Macau data included in the service plan before deducting days from "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack".
If I purchased more than one Roaming Data service, what is the deduction sequence of those Roaming Data service?

If you purchased more than one Roaming Data service, deduction on usage of roaming data shall follow the following deduction sequence:
1) Designated Mainland & Macau Roaming Data Pack data allowance;
2) 30-Day Asia Unlimited Data Pack data allowance;
3) APAC Roaming Data Pack data allowance;
4) RoamFlex Data Pass – APAC data allowance;
5) Worldwide Roaming Data Pack data allowance;
6) RoamFlex Data Pass – Worldwide data allowance;
7) Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack / Data Roaming Day Pass (by daily);

How do I check my "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack" balance?
You can check the balance via SmarTone CARE App - simply log into "My Account", select "Mobile Usage" followed by "Roaming".
How do I use in-flight roaming?

Simply enable “Data Roaming” in your phone settings and use in-flight roaming in Aeromobile-supported airlines and aircraft models (updated regularly, please visit

What are the charges of in-flight roaming?
One day will be deducted from “Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” for an in-flight roaming use.
'A day' for in-flight roaming is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 Hong Kong time. If you use in-flight roaming and data roaming upon arrival on the same day, a total of two days will be deducted.
Why can't add-on SIM users of family plans subscribe to "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack"?
To protect our customers, we will only confirm the purchase of "Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack" from the primary cardholder. Primary cardholder and add-on SIM users can share the use of the service. If add-on SIM users wish to purchase, simply contact the primary cardholder.
After purchasing “Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack”, can all users on my family plan use it?
Yes. Add-on SIM users simply have to register for "Data Roaming Day Pass" to share the use of “Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack” with primary cardholder. If two numbers are using roaming data at the same time, two days of entitlement will be deducted.

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