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Do I need to request for a service suspension?
Once you’ve successfully subscribed to SmarTone’s mobile service, you don’t need to contact your current operator.
Do I have to keep my current number active?
Always remember to keep your number active throughout the transfer process. You don’t need to - and should not - ask your current operator to terminate your number’s service.
Can I port in a prepaid SIM or a number with monthly plan subscription to SmarTone?
Monthly plan subscribers: Ensure you’re the number’s registered holder and your contract with the current operator has ended or is almost over.
Prepaid SIM users: Ensure your prepaid SIM is not expired with a balance of at least HK$1.
How long does it take to transfer?
It generally takes SmarTone about 7 days to process the transfer of your mobile number, so you may subscribe to your new SmarTone service 7 days prior to the end date of your current contract to have your number transferred to SmarTone on the date your current contract expires.
You may also register up to 150 days in advance for a SmarTone service subscription. Go through the registration, get your SIM, sit back and look forward to your service activation date.
*If you want to request for a different transfer date, send us a WhatsApp message after getting your SIM card.
Is my mobile number secured throughout the process?
Please make sure the number is active during port-in process. We take great care of every customer request and the handling of your mobile number is no exception.
How do I pick the date to make the switch?
Make sure to pick your contract end date while choosing a date to carry over your mobile number. Picking a wrong date may result in unnecessary surcharges.

Really have no idea when your contract is expiring? You’re advised to
  • login to your current operator’s online account or mobile app to find out
  • ask a staff from your current operator at a store or via the customer service hotline
3HK hotline: 1033
CMHK hotline: 2945 8888
CSL hotline: 2512 3123
HKBN hotline: 128 100
What documents do I need?
You’ll just need an e-copy of Hong Kong ID card and address proof to subscribe to our service. Simply pick a monthly plan and subscribe.
Can my mobile number be carried over to SmarTone if it’s not registered under my name?
If mobile number is registered under your family member’s name, please allow him/her to fill in relevant information to port in.
Can a mobile number on a prepaid SIM be carried over to SmarTone?
Yes, provided that you are the holder of the prepaid SIM, and there must be at least HK$1 remaining on the prepaid SIM card account to keep the number active. You can simply input the serial number behind the prepaid SIM (ICCID). Then you can carry over your mobile number on the prepaid SIM via SmarTone website.
If a mobile number is suspended, can I still carry over the number to SmarTone?
You’ll have to first ask the related telecom service provider to reactivate the suspended mobile number. You can then access the SmarTone website to subscribe to our service after the number is reactivated.
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