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You can earn up to HK$400 rebate for each successful referral;
Your friend (Referee) can also enjoy up to HK$200 rebate!

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  • Existing customer (“Referrer”) must fulfil all the following requirements to be eligible to participate in the “Spread & Rewards” Referral Program:
    1. Mobile service plan subscription by HKID or passport; and
    2. With still activated mobile service plan
  • To be entitled to the Referral Rewards, the Referrer must make a successful referral of new customer or existing customer with a new subscription (“Referee”) to subscribe a designated service plan with contract and fulfil all of the following requirements (“Successful Referral”):
    1. Before Referees subscribing designated service plan with contract, Referrer must send his/her unique referral code (“Referral code”) to Referees; and
    2. The Referee subscribe designated service plan with fixed contract terms by HKID or passport; and
    3. The Referee provide/input a valid Referral code upon contract subscription of designated plan and his/her service has been successfully activated or his/her number has been successfully ported to the Company; and
    4. The mobile service account of Referee is still valid and non-delinquent at the time of 100 days after service activation
  • The Referral Rewards consist of the “Referrer reward” and the “Referee reward”. Referrer reward will be HK$400 Rebate and Referee reward will be HK$200 Rebate if the Referee subscribes to designated 5G SIM Only Monthly Plan/ SuperCare Smartphone Plan (6GB or above) / SuperCare Family Plan / Expat Plan with contract subscription. Referrer reward will be HK$100 Rebate and Referee reward will be HK$50 Rebate if the Referee subscribes to designated SuperCare Smartphone Plan (below 6GB) / GoodCare Smartphone Plan / ExtraCare Smartphone Plan / Student Plan/ Viva 60+ Full Speed Plan with contract subscription.
  • Referral Rewards is not applicable to customer who subscribe to SuperCare Lite plan, Secondary SIM number of SuperCare Family Plan, 5G Add-on SIM number of 5G SIM Only Monthly Plan and any mobile service plan subscription with Corporate Staff Offer.
  • The amount/value of Referral Rewards is subject to the Referees' service plan which is still activated at settlement date (after 100 days of Referees' service activation). In the next/following bill month after the Referee's service has been activated for 100 days, the Referral Rewards will be granted to Referee's mobile service account.
  • Referral reward will be granted to Referrer's mobile service account in two phrases (HK$200 x 2 installments = HK$400 rebate; HK$50 x 2 installments = HK$100 rebate).
    1. 1st installment: grant to Referrer in the next/following bill date after the Referee's service has been activated for 100 days
    2. 2nd installment: grant to Referrer in the 4th bill date after the Referee's service has been activated for 100 days
  • The mobile service account of both Referrer and Referee must be valid and non-delinquent at the time of the Referral Rewards is rewarded.
  • Referral Rewards/ partial Referral Rewards will be forfeited if (including but not limited to):
    1. The Referee change to a service plan which is not eligible service plan for Referral Program in 100 days after service activation.
    2. The Referee terminates or ports out the service in 100 days after service activation.
    3. The Referrer and/or the Referee terminates his/her existing mobile service before Referral Rewards (1st instalments and 2nd instalments) is given
  • All mobile numbers under each mobile service account can get ONE Referral Code.
  • Each Referral Code shall make a maximum of 100 Successful Referrals every calendar year.
  • If the Referrer has more than one Referral Code, all Successful Referrals with different Referral Codes under the same Referrer will be counted separately when calculating the total number of Successful Referrals made by the Referrer.
  • The Referrer will not be entitled to the Referral Rewards when his/her Referral Code reaches the limit of making Successful Referral, while the Referee will still be entitled to the Referral Rewards.
  • All referral codes under the mobile service account will be invalid if the account ownership has changed. All processing Referral Rewards will be automatically forfeited.
  • The Referee is required to ensure the accuracy, completion and validity of the Referrer’s Referral Number provided upon contract subscription of a designated service plan. The record cannot be changed once submitted. In the case where the Referral Code cannot be successfully recorded in the Company’s system or the Referral Code recorded is incorrect, incomplete or invalid, The Company will proceed to process the corresponding Referee’s plan subscription as usual and the service plan subscription will not be considered as a Successful Referral.
  • The Referrer and The Referee shall not be the same person. Referrers and Referees cannot refer each other to get the Referral Rewards.
  • (Applicable to Rebate as Referral Rewards) Rebate is applicable to the items show in the monthly bill including but not limited to mobile service plan, valued-add service, IDD service, roaming service and other service monthly fee. In cases where the Rebate exceeds the monthly bill amounts, the balance will be carried forward to the next month’s bill. If there is outstanding reward balance in the account when the Subscriber terminates services, the reward will be forfeited.
  • All Referral Rewards cannot be transferred to any third party and is neither refundable nor exchangeable for cash nor refund for whatever reason.
  • Participation in the referral program is subject to there being no abuse/non-compliance by the Referrers or Referees, otherwise the Company will deduct the rewards without notice and/or take action to reclaim the redeemed rewards.
  • Both the Referee and the Referrer are bound by the relevant service terms and condition.
  • The Company reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotions (including but not limited to vary, extend, terminate and/or cancel this Referral Program, Referral Rewards, Promotion Period) and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.