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Special Promotions

Subscribe to Home 5G Broadband and enjoy up to HK$1,940 OFF the latest iPad Pro Wi-Fi! Get it in instalments using designated credit card from just HK$300/month with no interest and handling fees! Plus, “Wi-Fi + Cellular” model also available!

+“No.1 5G Home Broadband in Hong Kong” is based on results obtained from study conducted by market research company NuanceTree, as commissioned by SmarTone. 1,005 home wireless broadband consumers were interviewed via online survey and street interviews between May and June 2023.

*Based on comparison between typical 5G download speed (100 – 500 Mbps) and ADSL modem download speed (8 Mbps).

^Subjected to FUP (Fair Usage Policy).  For details, please visit smartone.com/hk/TC_FUP2.

Terms and Condition For 5G service plan:

Home 5G Broadband Service Plan:
The provision of the service is subject to the network coverage of the Company. In case particular spots where the 5G network are not available, we will continue to provide the service through 4G network. Internet experience can vary due to factors such as the relative position between user and the base stations, the download server resources, Internet traffic conditions, the number of users, users’ devices and other factors that may arise. Wi-Fi coverage depends on factors such as area & layout of the premises, construction materials, and other extraneous factors.
Offer valid for limited period only. Offer is appliable for customers who subscribe the designated SmarTone Home 5G Broadband service plan at a designated residential address for 24-month fixed term contract period. Average monthly fee HK$168 is calculated based on the original monthly fee HK$238 for Home 5G Broadband plan, after monthly rebate of HK$70 within contract period have been given to the customer. Offers will be forfeited without any compensation if the Customer terminates the contract during the committed contract period. This service plan includes a HK$65 monthly rental fee for router rental service waived within the committed contract period. Customers are required to make a deposit of HK$1,500 for router rental service. Deposit of rental router will be fully refunded upon return of the router in good workable condition and can be waived if customers choose to settle the monthly fee with autopay. Upon the expiry of the committed contract period, the Customer will be charged at the prevailing plan price on monthly basis (inclusive of router rental fee(s) if any) if the customer continues to use the service. Customer who registers for the services for the first time is entitled to a 7-day Trial & Return Guarantee period commencing from the activation date of the designated service plan. If the Customer cancels the service plan within the 7-day Trial & Return Guarantee period, any other service plan(s) or value-added service(s) or related special offer subscribed together on the same application will also be cancelled and the Customer is not required to pay the monthly fee for the service and 5G Broadband service equipment rental and refund of fee paid by customer for purchasing 5G Broadband service equipment shall be arranged upon return of the 5G Broadband service equipment to the Company. The Company reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotion and any dispute thereof, and may change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. For service plans and offers detail, please ask salespersons.

Special Tablet Price:
Offer valid for limited period only. Customers can enjoy Special Tablet Price for designated tablet purchase upon subscription of a designated Home 5G service plan. Up to HK$2,100 device discount is calculated based on Special Tablet Price purchasing 13-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 2TB with nano-texture glass to enjoy HK$2,100 discount, the actual device discount amount depends on the model selection. Customers who subscribe service plan for 24-mth or above fix term contract shall have the options to settle the payment of the Special Tablet Price by designated credit card issued by designated banks with 0% interest rate instalment plan without handling charge (customers are required to pay the monthly fee and related service fee per month within the contract period through Autopay set up with Credit Cards). Interest-free Device Instalment as low as HK$109/month is calculated based on Special Tablet Price purchasing iPad 10th generation Wi-Fi 64GB and using designated credit card issued by designated banks for 24-month Interest-free device instalment respectively, the actual monthly interest-free device instalment amount depends on the model selection. which The available designated tablet models, the Special Tablet Price, eligible credit cards to enjoy 0% interest rate instalment plan without handling charge and the designated service plan subscription contract will be updated and amended from time to time. Please ask our store assistants for details. Customer who subscribe the Home 5G Broadband Service Plan with Special Handset Price for designated Tablet does not entitle to a 7-day Trial & Return Guarantee period of Home 5G Broadband. The Offers depend on the contract subscription selected. Each designated contract subscription is entitled to the Offers once only, and entitled to one tablet only. Customer who purchased designated tablet at Special Tablet Price does not entitle “Subscriber Special Price” to purchase a designated handset / tablet / smart wearable / accessory.

SmarTone Plus membership & privilege:
Customers who subscribe or renew designated mobile service plan will enjoy SmarTone Plus membership and the membership offered depends on the service plan selected. Membership period of designated membership tier will be 13 months. For members who have met the qualifying spending level during the eligible spending period, their membership will be renewed or upgraded. Fixed-term contract is required for designated membership tier. The Company may terminate or change the terms and conditions of SmarTone Plus at any time without prior notice. Offers may vary and are subject to change without prior notice. Learn more at SmarTone CARE app or www.smartone.com.

General Terms and Conditions:
The Company reserves the right to offer an alternative gift of equivalent or approximate value. The above offers will be forfeited if the customer changes to other service plans, and the Company has the right to charge the full amount of the gift without prior notice. This offer cannot be transferred to any third party and is neither refundable nor exchangeable for cash. The Company reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotions and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice. Subject to relevant terms and conditions please ask our store assistants for details.