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2-for-1 Flagship Smartphone Subscription Offer

Subscribe to our 4.5G SuperCare Family Plan (20GB) to enjoy “2-for-1” standalone handset offer to get two featured flagship smartphones. Take your mobile experience to the next level, from speed to service, with SmarTone’s 5S powerful network.

Plan Details

Monthly Fee Local Data Thereafter Charge
(on 'Advise and Consent' basis)^
Voice Mins
Contract Term
HK$798 20GB
(5 SIMs)
HK$50/2GB 5,000 24 months
Featured Flagship Smartphones

Flagship Smartphone
/ 128GB / 256GB)

Flagship Smartphone
/ 128GB / 256GB)


Data Roaming Dollars
Enjoy 13% off Data Roaming Dollars, which can be deducted from the daily rate of our "Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan or "Virtual WiFi Egg".
HK$36 / month
DataRoam Plan
The brand new SmarTone DataRoam Plans allow you to share your data in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Japan & Singapore at no extra cost! It’s the smartest option for business or leisure frequent travelers. For details, please click here.

Other services included: Intra SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, caller number display, call waiting and conference call.

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer:
  • Only applicable to new customers / existing customers with a new subscription or designated existing customers. A designated service plan with 24-month contract subscription and an admin fee of HK$18 per month are required.
  • Customer who subscribes to a designated SIM Only SuperCare Family Plan (20GB) can select two designated handset models under the Offer. Customer must pay the selected handset with higher Recommended Retail Price in order to enjoy the second selected handset at a lower Recommended Retail Price for free by paying an additional Offer Prepayment for the second handset. The prepayment amount (which is equivalent to the Recommended Retail Price) varies according to the smartphone model selected by the customer. Offer Prepayment will be rebated to the customer over an 18 months’ period according to the credit arrangement specified in the Sales and Services Agreement (or Supplemental Agreement to the Sales and Services Agreement) after both handsets have been collected by the customer.
  • The Customer shall not be entitled to the Credit Amount or any balance thereof if change to new service plan.
  • Only applicable to designated service plan with fixed term contract subscription. The Customer must select two designated smartphones under Buy 1Get 1 Free Offer at the time of signing the designated service plan.The smartphone models cannot be changed after selection is made.
  • The Credit Amount cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The available smartphones will be updated and amended from time to time. For details, please ask our store assistants or visit our website.
  • Each designated contract subscription is entitled to Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer once only.
  • Flexi–switch is not eligible for this offer.
  • Customers who purchase the designated smartphones can enjoy 12 months’ SmarTone Screen Replace™ for free.

  • SmarTone Plus Membership:
  • Customers who subscribe or renew the designated mobile service plan will enjoy SmarTone Plus membership.
  • Designated mobile service plans include: 20GB SuperCare Family Plans; 20GB SuperCare Family Plans with add-on for DataRoam plan (2 destinations) or (3 destinations) or (6 destinations); 10GB SuperCare Family Plans; 10GB SuperCare Family Plans with add-on for DataRoam plan (2 destinations) or (3 destinations) or (6 destinations); 6GB SuperCare Family Plans; 6GB SuperCare Family Plans with add-on for DataRoam plan (2 destinations) or (3 destinations) or (6 destinations); 6GB SuperCare Plans with add-on for DataRoam plan (3 destinations) or (6 destinations) or FUP unlimited data or 10GB add-on local data (including SuperCare Plans for Smartphones). Fixed-term contract are required for the above plans, customers opting for DataRoam Plan (2 destinations), (3 destinations) or (6 destinations), FUP unlimited data or 10GB add-on local data, the contract end date will be the same as the SuperCare Plans or SuperCare Family Plans; SuperCare Plan 1GB or 2GB or 6GB; SuperCare plan 1GB or 2.5GB or 6GB with add-on for DataRoam plan (2 destinations).
  • SmarTone Mobile Communication Limited may terminate SmarTone Plus or change the terms and conditions of SmarTone Plus at any time without prior notice.

  • General Terms and Conditions:
  • Customers cannot enjoy this offer in conjunction with other offers.
  • This offer cannot be transferred to any third party and is neither refundable nor exchangeable for cash.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions.
  • The Company reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotions and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.