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SmarT Caregiver Service
SmarT Caregiver Service
24x7 Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones with Peace of Mind
How can you care for your elderly loved ones anytime, anywhere?

The SmarT Caregiver Combo from Switzerland including the SmarT Caregiver Service and the Swissvoice C50s Smartphone Set is the best choice to care for your elderly loved ones anytime, anywhere. Family members can remotely safeguard and provide immediate assistance, just like being with them, providing peace of mind for the whole family! No contract period with high flexibility. HK operator exclusive.

Location Tracking
Location Tracking
Emergency Safeguard
Emergency Safeguard
Remote Support
Remote Support
  • Real-time location display for tracking elderly loved ones whereabouts; get geo-fencing alert to have no fears about going missing
  • SOS button provided; use Burst Voice/Video Call if elderly loved ones fail to pick up calls to ensure safety
  • Mobile help via remote access to assist elderly loved ones anytime, anywhere

Fixed-Term contract is not required for the service, customers are required to pay service fee monthly.

SMS as a method to receive notification may incur additional charges from your service provider.

    Smart Caregiver Service:
  • The Service is only available for existing customers who subscribe to the Company's designated mobile plan services.
  • The service is required to be used in conjunction with Swissvoice C50s Smartphone purchased from SmarTone.
  • The service requires active air time and mobile data services to keep its normal operation.
  • Service charges are for local usage only and additional roaming charges apply when you use the Service outside of Hong Kong.
  • Designated service features are limited for local usage only. To get the ideal experience of using burst voice/video call and Mobile help via Remote Access, it is suggested to have data speed no less than 768kbps and enable VoLTE function.
  • Customer must enable location function of Swissvoice C50s Smartphone to use the location tracking feature; Location tracking function may be inaccurate due to circumstantial factors.
  • Designated functions is required to be used in conjunction with the Smartbase of Swissvoice C50s Smartphone
  • The Company does not warrant that the service features can be successfully used in times of emergency. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damages arising from or suffered in connection with the service (include but not limit to the timeliness, deletion, non-delivery or failure to store your communications or personalization settings).
  • If Customer is not the end user of the Service, it is the responsibility of Customer to ensure that end user is aware of, understands and agrees to these Terms & Conditions.
  • The Company reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotions and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer toT&C-V144 for details.