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Travel Assist

Q1: What kind of services does Travel Assist provide?

We provide emergency contacts and information for major countries. These include emergency numbers, credit card global assistance hotlines, airline hotlines, contact details of tourist offices, HKSAR rep offices, embassies and consulates, HKSAR government 24-hour assistance hotline and SmarTone 24-hour service hotline.

Q2: When I call the numbers in Travel Assist when abroad, do I need to pay for roaming?

Yes, you will need to pay for roaming. Please click here for coverage and charges.

Q3: I want to check information about shopping and dinning when abroad, can I find it in Travel Assist?

Sorry, this service only provides emergency contacts and information. For local shopping or dining information, we recommend seeking assistance from your hotel concierge or local tourist offices.

Q4: Which phones support Travel Assist?

Travel Assist can be used on any smartphone or feature phone with an active data plan.

Q5: Can I use Travel Assist when I am abroad?

Yes. Standard roaming data charges will apply while using Travel Assist abroad. Please click here for details. To enjoy better value data roaming as well as improved control over your spending, we recommend subscribing to our Roaming Data Day Plan.