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Cloud Storage Manager

Q1: Can I use Cloud Storage Manager on WiFi?

Yes. It can be used on WiFi.

Q2: How can I access Cloud Storage Manager?

Click here to download the Cloud Storage Manager icon. You can access Cloud Storage Manager from any of your smartphones, tablets or computers by tapping the icon.

Q3: Are there any file size restrictions on each file when uploading?

File size restrictions are dependent on the online storage provider selected.

Q4: How can I find my files?

Cloud Storage Manager is a centralised file management tool. You can find your files across your different cloud accounts by using its sort and search feature.

Q5: Can files uploaded by Cloud Storage Manager be viewed from a computer?

Yes. Click here on your computer to download the Cloud Storage Manager icon and follow instructions to add it to your desktop. Click the icon to open Cloud Storage Manager in your browser whenever you want to use it.

Q6: How can I view and share encrypted files?

After successfully logging into Cloud Storage Manager, click on an encrypted file to automatically decrypt it for viewing or save it directly depending on the file type and the platform used. Share decrypted files with a few taps.

Q7: Which mobile platforms and web browsers support Cloud Storage Manager?

Cloud Storage Manager can be used on smartphones and tablets running iOS 6 or above, Android 4.4 or above, Windows Phone 8 or above or BlackBerry® 10 or above, as well as computers with Google Chrome 18 or above, Firefox 11 or above, Safari 5.1 or above and Internet Explorer 10 or above.

Q8: Can I use Cloud Storage Manager when I am abroad?

Yes. Standard roaming data charges apply while using Cloud Storage Manager abroad. SmarTone customers, please click here for details. To enjoy better value data roaming as well as improved control over your spending, we recommend subscribing to our Roaming Data Day Plan. Customers of other networks, please check data roaming  charges with your mobile operator.