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e-Care Link
e-Care Link
24-hour care for your loved ones
General features
  • Q1
    Can all smartphone models support e-Care Link?


    No, e-Care Link can only be used with dedicated smartphone models. Compatible smartphone models include:

    • Android 4.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 or above, including:
      • Samsung smartphones (excluding GALAXY Ace 2)
      • XiaoMi smartphones (including XiaoMi and Redmi series) (Hong Kong official licensed)
      • For Android™ smartphone which does not support Google Play services, the Value-Added Service will not be applicable on the smartphone

    Please refer to the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) website for a list of other successfully tested smartphone models.

  • Q2
    What's the difference between using e-Care Link or calling 999/ ambulance/ police?


    The service provided by SCHSA is not just emergency support, it is a 24-hour Care-On-Call Service offering the following one-stop services:

    • Experienced and professional SCHSA staffs will offer appropriate emotional support to provide immediate assistance. In cases where the user has had an accident, SCHSA staffs can remain calm and help deal with the accident, to reduce the family's concerns.
    • In case of emergency transfer to hospital, SCHSA staffs will provide the user’s medical records and report his/her immediate condition to the ambulance centre, and provide electronic medical records to Accident and Emergency departments (collaboration with Hospital Authority) to ensure the most appropriate support is provided.
    • Even if the user calls to simply share thoughts or for a personal chat, the SCHSA staffs are happy to listen.
    • Other services include: hospital follow-up, follow-up appointments, courtesy calls when needed, support from registered nurses and qualified social workers, weather and transportation enquiries etc.
  • Q3
    What is the function of the Octopus remote?


    You can enable e-Care Link with just one press of the remote, which contains the Octopus function.

  • Q4
    How can I use the Octopus remote?


    The Octopus remote should be used through Bluetooth connectivity and with a stable power supply, and connects to SCHSA with e-Care Link within 3 meters of the smartphone.

  • Q5
    What is the operating distance of the Octopus remote?


    e-Care Link can be enabled by the Octopus remote within 10 meters of the smartphone. However, due to the need to make conversation with SCHSA through the smartphone, it is suggested to use the remote within 3 meters of the smartphone.

  • Q6
    Will e-Care Link affect the power consumption of the smartphone?


    For the use of Octopus remote, e-Care Link needs to connect to Bluetooth on your smartphone, so the power consumption of your smartphone is proportionately larger when your smartphone is not connected to Bluetooth. Battery usage will vary by smartphone model, so you should be aware of your phone’s battery.

  • Q7
    How can I know the battery status of the Octopus remote?


    When the battery level of the Octopus remote drops lower than a certain level, there will be notification of low battery shown on the e-Care Link.

  • Q8
    Does e-Care Link need to be used with the Octopus remote?


    You must use the Octopus remote when you enable e-Care Link the first time, and you can choose if you wish to use e-Care Link with the remote afterwards. However, it is encouraged to use e-Care Link with the remote in order to shorten the service response time.

  • Q9
    How do I get the Octopus remote?


    The Octopus remote will be distributed when SCHSA technical staff provides on-site installation, or you can purchase it directly from SCHSA.

  • Q10
    What is the starting octopus value of the Octopus remote?


    The octopus value in the Octopus remote starts at zero, please top up the octopus before use.

  • Q11
    Do I have to use the octopus function in the remote?


    No. Please use up any remaining octopus value in the remote (if applicable), or request a refund at any MTR customer service centre (remaining value not exceeding HK$500). You can also enquire directly through the SCHSA centre.

  • Q12
    What if the Octopus remote is damaged?


    For technical faults, there is a 1-year warranty. Simply go to a SCHSA centre for free repairs (exchange or battery change). If the 1-year warranty has expired, you can purchase a new remote for $380. If the remote is damaged through human fault, you will need to purchase a new remote for $380, no matter whether it is within the 1-year warranty period.

    SCHSA repair centre location:

    Wong Tai Sin Centre

    • Address: Unit No. 102-121, Ground Floor, Sau Yuen House, Chuk Yuen (South) Estate, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    • Operating hour: Mon to Sat 10:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00 (exclude Sunday and public holiday)
  • Q13
    How can I get a new Octopus remote if it is lost?


    You can purchase a new Octopus remote for $380.

  • Q14
    Is the Octopus remote equipped with Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) and Octopus Rewards feature?


    You can enquire and register with Octopus Cards Limited directly. For information on AAVS, please refer to or call their registration hotline on 2266 2338; for information on the Octopus Rewards Programme, please refer to .

  • Q15
    Should I return the Octopus remote to SCHSA if the e-Care Link service has ended?


    This is not required.

  • Q16
    Can I replace the battery in the Octopus remote myself? What is the battery type and where I can purchase it?


    Yes, you can replace the Octopus remote battery yourself; the battery type is CR2032, which you can purchase from any leading supermarket.

On-site installation
  • Q1
    When can I use the e-Care Link service after subscribing at a SmarTone store?


    The service can only be used after SCHSA staffs have arranged on-site installation.

  • Q2
    Why is it necessary to arrange on-site registration?


    On-site registration is required to explain and organise signing of the service agreement and the eHealth document with the user, and to ensure that users understand the use of e-Care Link.

  • Q3
    What is the procedure to enable the service on-site?


    SCHSA staff will sign the service agreement with the user

    • Register the user and contact person’s information
    • Install e-Care Link app (if user has not yet installed the app from Google Play or Samsung Apps)
    • Provide the Octopus remote
    • Activate e-Care Link with the remote
    • Test e-Care Link by pressing the app or Octopus remote in order to connect to SCHSA call and service centre

    Remark: Users and authorised contacts (if applicable) must be present when enabling the service.

  • Q4
    Why it is necessary to sign an additional service agreement at on-site installation?


    The additional service agreement with SCHSA is essential to allow SCHSA to collect all necessary information, and use the related information as required. Please be assured that all data will be carefully preserved and kept confidential.