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Empowering lifestyles for better health

Why HealthReach™ Features

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HealthReach™ is a lifestyle management app that connects you to exercise programmes, diet control and regular vital health sign measurements. It is designed for people:

A combination of exercise and diet control is effective in alleviating and deferring the onset of metabolic syndrome,
and can even reverse Type II diabetes.


Walking: An Ideal Exercise

  • Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels with lower risk of injury

  • Well suited for contemporary busy lifestyles as it does not require any exercise gear or special equipment

  • Anyone can simply start by taking a walk after dinner or getting off public transport a few stops earlier and walk

Benefits of Diet Control

  • Better diet control helps maintain a healthy weight which reduces the chance of central obesity, a key underlying cause of metabolic syndrome


Importance of Regular Vital Health Signs Measurement

  • Help detect early signs of a deteriorating health, and enable more timely mitigation action

  • Conversely, you can also track your improvement at all times

HealthReach’s Key Features:

  • Walking programme with both casual walks and tiered walking modules for all levels of ages and fitness

  • Google Maps based Route Planner integrated with the walking programme – design your own walking routes anywhere in the world

  • Calorie Reckoner adds up calories of common foods and dishes for better dietary control. Calorie intake exportable to Walk for Health for calculation of desired calorie burn

  • Calendar with automatic reminders for vital health sign measurements, medication, medical appointment and exercise. Optional alerts to designated recipients

  • Monitors and tracks vital health signs including blood pressure, blood glucose, body weight and ECG* data with NFC and Bluetooth connected health devices

  • The measured data gets automatically uploaded to the app and onto the cloud storage

  • If measured data exceeds the preset levels, instant highlight to user and automatic alerts to designated recipients

  • All measurements and data can be viewed on a consolidated dashboard for tracking of trends

  • Regular updates of health-related news and articles to enhance users' knowledge on health topics


HealthReach™ helps you improve your health and fitness with easy-to-adopt modification to your lifestyle, including exercise and diet management. Additionally, the tracking of vital health sign measurements help monitor health progress and detect early signs of a deteriorating health. Sustainable lifestyle change is made easier with HealthReach™.


Walk Anywhere Exercise Programme

  • Walk for Health: a walking programme offering casual walks and tiered walking programme for all ages and fitness levels

  • Google Maps based Route Planner integrated with Walk for Health to design your own walking routes. It calculates the distance covered, number of steps taken and calorie burn for the designated route

  • Instant adjustable Metronome integrated with music player, for easy pacing, and to enjoy your music even while walking


  • To make the start of your walking exercise more enjoyable, fun elements have been added to Walk for Health

  • You will be rewarded with a health products coupon when you have successfully completed 10 Training Programmes consecutively, so that you can build a sustainable walking habit

Calorie Reckoner


  • Adds up calories of common foods and dishes for better dietary control. Calorie intake exportable to Walk for Health for calculation of desired calorie burn


  • Categorised into breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and seasonal menus for easy selection.

Watch the video to learn more:

HealthReach™ Calendar & Reminders


  • A calendar to better manage timely vital health sign measurements, medication, medical appointments and exercise

  • Automatic reminders for users

  • Automatic alerts to designated recipients if the user edits or fails to comply with scheduled actions for the health sign measurements or medication

Watch the video to learn more:

Vital Health Sign Measurements


  • HealthReach™ records blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, body weight and ECG* data with connected health devices

  • "Tap to Go"^: instantly links up any of the HealthReach™ designated NFC and Bluetooth connected health devices with the app and readies it to accept measurement data from the devices

  • Measured data automatically gets recorded to the app and uploaded to the cloud storage


  • The data stored in the cloud are password-protected and encrypted to ensure personal data privacy

  • If measured data exceeds preset levels, instant highlight to user and automatic alerts to designated recipients

  • All measurements can be viewed conveniently in 1 day, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months interval for tracking of trends

  • For ad-hoc data sharing, a 24-hour passcode can be sent to enable others to view the data on the website

* ECG measurement is currently available on Android smartphones

^ "Tap to Go" is available on NFC-enabled Android smartphones

HealthReach™ is now available for single use and sharing with family, please click Get Started for details.

Watch the videos to learn more:

HealthReach™ can be used on iPhone, iPad (3rd generation or later) or iPad mini running iOS 7.1 or above and smartphones running Android™ 4.3 or above. It can be used on any 3G/4G cellular network and also on WiFi.

The measurement function is only compatible with designated iOS and Android™ devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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