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Coverage & Charges

Overseas Reconnect Assist

Never worry again about a lost phone

Imagine if you lose your phone or your SIM card is damaged while travelling. No worries – simply call our 24-Hour Roaming Service Hotline: +852 2793 6397 or Fixed-line Hotline from many countries and regions - our customer service officers are ready to help you. All your outgoing calls and data will be barred so you don't even have to think about unauthorised usage or charges.

Forward your calls so you never miss a thing

We'll also give you advice on prepaid SIM or phone purchases and will arrange to forward incoming calls from your home mobile number to any temporary local number, so you'll always stay connected!

The in-store support you're used to, now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka

You can visit select stores for help just like you do in Hong Kong. Should you lose your phone or SIM card, they'll help you choose a phone and prepaid SIM, plus assist in arranging call barring and forwarding.

Destination Network Operator
Singapore MobileOne
Malaysia CelCom
Sri Lanka Dialog Telekom
International Toll Free Hotline

If you have any enquiry while roaming, simply call our 24 hours toll free hotline +852 2793 6397 via mobile or below numbers via landline for assistance.

Traveller customers can simply call our free roaming hotline by dialing *131*111# on their mobile phone to speak to a customer service officer#

Roaming Destinations Access Channel 24-hour Dialling Method
Australia Landline 0011 800 2880 2688
Canada 011 800 2880 2688
China 400 100 2688
Indonesia 001 803 852 7413
Italy 800 781 840
Japan Landline (KDDI) 001 010 800 2880 2688
Landline (Japan Telecom) 0041 010 800 2880 2688
Landline (IDC) 0061 010 800 2880 2688
New Zealand Landline 00 800 2880 2688
Singapore Landline (SingTel and M1) 001 800 2880 2688
+800 2880 2688
South Korea Landline 001 800 2880 2688
Netherlands 0800 022 9649
Thailand 001 800 2880 2688
USA 011 800 2880 2688
France / Germany / Macau / Malaysia / Switzerland / Taiwan / UK 00 800 2880 2688
  • Roaming charges apply for non-Traveller customers
  • Remark :
    • While you're abroad, local network providers will charge for local airtime usage if you call the hotline via your mobile phone.
    • The availability of International Toll Free Hotline service depends on the overseas network operator.
    Roaming Hints

    Prior to your trip, take advantage of these hints to save on roaming bills and prevent unnecessary charges.

    Use *131* PhoneHome to call Hong Kong

    *131* PhoneHome lets you call back to Hong Kong with substantial savings. You can enjoy greater saving than standard roaming. No registration, monthly fee, or deposit required.
    Cancel the Conditional Forwarding feature

    Using call forwarding for 'Busy', 'No Answer' or 'Unreachable' calls may lead to two-way long distance calling charges. This is because the calls will be relayed first to the country in which you are roaming and then back to your preassigned Hong Kong number. So it's important for you to deactivate these call forwarding features from your mobile before your departure.

    • To deactivate 'Busy Call Forwarding': dial
    • To deactivate 'No Answer Call Forwarding': dial
    • To deactivate 'Unreachable Call Forwarding': dial

    Switch off automatic app updates and push notifications before roaming

    Many apps consume bandwidth through automatic software updates, push notifications, and more. These apps may incur roaming data charges even all app categories are OFF in the「Roaming Data app . Remember to switch off these apps or any automatic update settings to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.

    Using apps like WhatsApp and Facebook while roaming, or automatic app updates will incur a data charge (from $0.12/KB). To enjoy great value data while roaming with peace of mind, use our Virtual WiFi Egg. Please contact our staff for details.

    If you need to use lots of data while roaming (for example, downloading files or streaming videos), please use Wi-Fi, which is more economical. However, your phone may still switch to the local network if the Wi-Fi signal is weak, which may incur data charge.

    If you want to avoid roaming data charges, please switch OFF data roaming in your phone's settings. You will not be able to use WhatsApp, WeChat, iMessage or MMS via the roaming network when data roaming is switched OFF. Make sure you don’t need to use these apps or similar apps before switching OFF data roaming.

    Steps to disable roaming data :

    Please remember to restart your phone after disabling the data roaming setting. It will ensure the data roaming is completely disabled.

    iPhone :
    Select General from Settings
    Select Network
    Turn off Data Roaming
    Android :
    Select Mobile Networks from Settings
    Deactivate Data Roaming
    Windows Phone :
    Select Mobile Network from Settings
    Select Don’t Roam
    Blackberry :
    Select Mobile Network from Settings
    Select Off from Data Services While Roaming