Important notice


SmarTone is aware that some people have received phishing emails purporting to be from SmarTone to request the provision of personal and credit card information.

These have not been issued by SmarTone and we advise recipients to ignore and delete them. These emails attempt to collect sensitive customer data and the information obtained may be used for committing fraud. We have reported these cases to the Hong Kong Police.

SmarTone's reminders:
  • SmarTone never proactively sends emails to request your credit card information for the purpose of updating customer information. Customers should note that credit card information can only be amended in person at our stores.

  • Always hover over a link in an email before clicking it. After you click it, please check that the domain of the URL belongs to "".

  • If you receive any suspicious email purporting to be from SmarTone, please contact our service hotline on 2880 2688.

Phishing website links: