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Call Guard
Take control of incoming calls

Recently, there have been reports that some call-blocking apps have taken users' contact lists and put them into a public database. Up to 3 billion phone numbers and other personal information may have been exposed.
SmarTone is committed to protecting your privacy. and Our Call Guard service never saves your contact lists. Call Guard has blocked more than 200 million junk calls since its launch# and will continue to provide a hassle-free service to protect you from unwanted calls.

Key Features Highlight

  • The service can block junk calls at mobile-network level before they reach your phone
  • View the history of blocked junk calls via the Call Guard Lite App in HK or overseas, any time
  • You may choose to receive an SMS notification monthly about the number of junk calls which blocked in the past 30 days

Call Guard is applicable to smartphone platforms – iOS and Android.

  • # Launched in Aug 2011

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