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Call Guard
Block Spam Calls to Stop Scams
Overview of Call Guard

Key Features Highlight

Intercepts from the Source at the Mobile Network to Prevent Junk Calls Intercepts from the Source at the Mobile Network to Prevent Junk Calls

  • A simple and convenient way to intercept junk calls from the source at mobile network, with no setups. Local and overseas calls, including those without caller ID, will not reach your phone
  • The database is updated regularly to effectively intercept junk calls
  • Users can easily report junk calls, including those without caller ID
  • Check the number of intercepted junk calls and their numbers anytime whether you’re in Hong Kong or overseas

Overseas Call Alert

  • Helps you stay vigilant with alerts during incoming overseas calls

Call Guard App
SmarTone CARE App

A Range of Customisable Blocking Features

  • Personal Blacklist
    Personalised list that blocks the numbers you don't want to hear from
  • Personal Whitelist
    To make sure you receive specific calls from particular agents or companies, add them to Personal Whitelist
  • Bar Withheld Numbers
    Block local and international calls with a hidden caller ID^
  • Forward Junk Calls to Voicemail
    Apart from intercepting junk calls directly, you can also forward them to voicemails to listen to their messages
  • Set up VIP List
    Upon enabling VIP List, users can only receive calls from the VIP List, while other callers will be forwarded to the voicemail automatically.
    Users can set up VIP list via Call Guard App and CARE App. In CARE App, customers can set up for other mobile numbers that have subscribed to Call Guard (Full Version) within the same account.
    (For detailed instruction on VIP List setup, please click here)

Call Guard comes in “Full Version” and “Lite Version” to meet the needs of everyone.

Call Guard (Full Version) Call Guard (Lite Version)
Intercepts Junk Calls
Check Number of Intercepted Calls and Records in App
A Monthly SMS of Number of Calls Intercepted#
Reports Junk Calls
Overseas Call Alert x
Personal Blacklist x
Personal Whitelist x
Bar Withheld Numbers x
Forward Junk Calls to Voicemail x
VIP Only & VIP List x

User Tips:
To enjoy this service on other mobile numbers for just one monthly fee, simply forward incoming calls to the mobile number with Call Guard to block junk calls!

Want a more comprehensive protection? Choose “Cyber & Voice Security” for a complete data and call defense!

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Call Guard can be used on smartphones running on designated software versions of compatible iOS or Android operating systems. This value-added service is not applicable to Android smartphones which do not support Google Play services.

  • * Launched in Aug 2011
  • ^ The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden due to the IDD setting of the overseas provider
  • # No SMS will be sent if the number of intercepted calls is fewer than 5 for the month