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Call Guard
Block Spam Calls to Stop Scams
General features [Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) & (Lite Version)]
  • Q1If I subscribe to both Call Guard and Connecting Tone, will callers hear my Connecting Tone?

    Yes, if the call can get through to you, the caller will hear your Connecting Tone. If the call is blocked by Call Guard, the caller will hear a message from Call Guard and not the Connecting Tone.

  • Q2If I forward my calls to another number, can Call Guard continue to block junk calls?

    If the forwarded number is subscribed to Call Guard, it will continue to block junk calls. Otherwise, the forwarded number will continue to receive these calls.

  • Q3Can I use the Call Guard app while connected to Wi-Fi?

    Call Guard intercepts junk calls from the source at mobile network. Whether you’re using Wi-Fi or mobile data, it can still block junk calls. Simply login to Call Guard App with one-time verification code or CARE App password to check the details and customise your settings in the Call Guard App while connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Q4Can I view my history of blocked junk calls?

    Yes, the Call Guard app allows you to check all blocked junk calls in the past 30 days.

  • Q5Which operating systems support Call Guard?

    Call Guard can be used on smartphones running on designated iOS or Android operating systems. This value-added service is not applicable to Android smartphones which do not support Google Play services. The applicable smartphones running on designated software versions of compatible mobile operating systems will be updated and amended from time to time. Please ask our store assistants for details.

  • Q6How to turn on/off SMS notifications regarding the number of blocked junk calls?

    You may turn on/off the notification manually in the “Setting” page of the Call Guard App.

  • Q7Can I set up a “VIP List” for my family?

    You can do so for you and your family members’ mobile numbers within the same account as long as they have subscribed to Call Guard (Full Version).
    Simply open SmarTone CARE App, select “Account” > “Family SIM Management” > “VIP List Settings”, select “Enable” to proceed with the setup.

Other features [Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version)]
  • Q1If I unsubscribe from Call Guard, will my lists of numbers be restored when I re-subscribe?

    Yes, we will keep your lists of numbers, including Personal Blacklist, Personal Whitelist and VIP List for 3 months.

  • Q2If switch my SIM to another smartphone, do I need to re-enter the number list?

    No. Your lists of numbers are stored in the cloud. Simply download Call Guard App on your new smartphone and your lists of numbers will be applied.

  • Q3When enable the VIP List feature, will it affect other features that I have enabled?

    Yes. The VIP List feature will override all other features in use and only allow callers on your VIP List to reach you.

  • Q4Why can’t I receive my friend’s calls from overseas when I turn on Bar Withheld Numbers for both local and international calls?

    The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden due to the IDD setting of the overseas provider and thus are blocked this feature. If you want to receive overseas calls from a hidden caller ID, simply turn off the feature in Call Guard app.

  • Q5If an overseas incoming call does not have a caller ID, will I still be alerted by Overseas Call Alert?

    Yes, you will be alerted even if there is no caller ID.

Block junk callers
  • Q1The number I am expecting a call from is classified as junk call and blocked by Call Guard. What can I do?

    You can add that number to your Personal Whitelist and it will not be blocked again.

  • Q2What do I do if I mistakenly reported a phone number and it’s added to Blacklist as junk call?

    For Call Guard (Full Version) customers: simply delete the number from Blacklist.
    For Call Guard (Lite Version) customers: please call our 24-hour service hotline (852) 2880 2688 and we will assist you in deleting the number from Blacklist.

  • Q3How can you guarantee your list of junk callers is error-free?

    Users cannot report any number they want but only from their last ten received calls. All reported numbers are verified by a team of professionals to prevent false reporting and protect user rights.

  • Q4How do you ensure the accuracy of the junk call database?

    All user-reported numbers will be registered to the junk call database before getting verified by a team of professionals to prevent false reporting. The junk call database is reviewed regularly and numbers which have not been used to make junk calls for an extended period time will be deleted to ensure the accuracy of the database.

  • Q5Where can I learn more about the latest anti-fraud information?

    You can visit the “Office of the Communications Authority”, “Anti-Deception Coordination Centre”, or “Cyber Defender” to learn more about the latest scams to protect yourself from scammers.

Charges [Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) & (Lite Version)]
  • Q1Can I use Call Guard when I am abroad?

    Yes, you can use Call Guard locally and abroad without using mobile data. However, standard roaming data charges may apply while downloading or checking the app. We recommend downloading it and setting up your blocking preference# before departure.

    Remark: #Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) only.