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Call Guard
Take control of incoming calls
General features [Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) & (Lite Version)]
  • Q1If I subscribe to both Call Guard and Connecting Tone, will callers hear my favourite Connecting Tone?

    Yes, if the call can get through to you, the caller will hear your favourite tone from Connecting Tone. If the call is blocked by Call Guard, the caller will hear a message from Call Guard, without the Connecting Tone.

  • Q2If I forward my calls to another number, will the Call Guard service still block junk callers?

    Call Guard will only block junk calls for the number with the Call Guard service. The other number will still continue to receive unwanted calls.

  • Q3If I forward calls to a number with Call Guard, will those calls be filtered too?

    Yes, Call Guard is able to filter all incoming calls for any phone number forwarded to a number with the Call Guard service.

  • Q4Can I use the Call Guard app on WiFi?

    Yes. All you need to do is log in.

  • Q5Can I view my history of blocked junk calls?

    Yes, the Call Guard app allows you to check all blocked junk calls in the past 30 days.

  • Q6Which platforms support Call Guard?

    Call Guard is applicable to smartphone platforms – iOS and Android. The available smartphones running designated software versions of compatible mobile operating systems will be updated and amended from time to time. Please ask our store assistants for details.

  • Q7How to turn on/off the function of receiving SMS notification (of the number of blocked junk calls in the past 30 days) ?

    You may turn on/off the function manually on the “Setting” page of the Call Guard App.

Other features [Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version)]
  • Q1If I have unsubscribed from the Call Guard service, can I retrieve my previous number list when I resume my subscription?

    Yes, we will keep your number list for 3 months.

  • Q2If I transfer my SIM to another smartphone, do I need to re-enter the number list?

    No, the number list is stored in the cloud. All you have to do is to download Call Guard app to your new smartphone and your number list will be there.

  • Q3When I turn on the "VIP List" feature, will it affect other features that I have already switched on?

    Yes. The "VIP List" feature will override all other features in use and only allow callers on your White List to reach you.

  • Q4When I turn on Bar Withheld Numbers for both local and international calls, I can't receive my friend's calls from overseas. Why?

    The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden because of the IDD setting of the provider. If the caller ID of the international call is hidden, it will be blocked. If you want to receive international calls from a hidden caller ID, you can simply turn off the Bar Withheld Calls from overseas feature.

  • Q5If the incoming call which originates from outside Hong Kong does not have a caller ID, will I still be alerted by "Overseas Call Notification"?

    Yes, you will be reminded even if there is no caller ID.

Charges [Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) & (Lite Version)]
  • Q1Can I use Call Guard when I am abroad?

    Yes, you can use Call Guard locally and abroad. It will not use data unless you have to download the app, report a junk call# or change your blocking preferences#. We recommend downloading it and setting your preferences# before departure. If you would like to use it overseas, standard roaming data charges will apply. Please click here for details. To enjoy better value data roaming as well as improved control over your spending, we recommend subscribing to our Roaming Data Day Plan.

    Remark: #Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) only.

Block junk callers
  • Q1I am expecting a call, but that number might be blocked by the Junk Call feature. What can I do?

    You can add that number to Exceptional List# in the Junk Call feature.

  • Q2I reported# a junk caller that was not verified. This caller continues to disturb me. What can I do?

    You can add that number to your Personal Blacklist#, which is your own personalised blocked list.

  • Q3How can you guarantee your list of junk callers is error-free?

    Users can report# a junk call from their last five received calls without needing to input any numbers, which helps minimise false submissions. All reported numbers are verified to prevent false reporting and protect user rights.

  • Q4Where can I learn more about the latest anti-fraud information?

    You can visit the “Office of the Communications Authority”, “Anti-Deception Coordination Centre”, or “Cyber Defender” to learn more about the latest scams to protect yourself from them.

    Remark: #Applicable to customers of Call Guard (Full Version) only.