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Call Guard
Block Spam Calls to Stop Scams

Call Guard App Tutorial

Download “Call Guard” App here
Personalized Interface:
  1. Service Settings
  2. The mobile number you have registered for “Call Guard”
  3. The number of junk calls blocked for you in the last 30 days. More details are available in a tap
  4. The number of junk calls blocked for all users to date
  5. Report junk calls in a tap
  6. Personalized settings
  7. Helps you identify overseas calls
  8. Enable “VIP Only” and set up “VIP List”
  9. Enable call blocking and customize personal whitelist
  10. Enable or disable “Forward Junk Calls to Voicemail” feature
  11. Block the numbers you don't want to receive
  12. Block local and international calls with a hidden caller ID^

    ^The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden due to the IDD setting of the overseas provider

How to set up “VIP List” in SmarTone CARE App

Download “SmarTone Care App” App here

Select “Account” at the bottom, then select “Family SIM Management”*

Select “VIP List Settings”

Select a mobile number and tap “Add VIP Number”, then select “Add From Phone Book” or “Add New Numbers”

Under “Add New Numbers”, please enter the name and phone number, then tap “Add” to complete the setup

*“Family SIM Management” is applicable to family plan users. For individual plan users, please select “Call Management”.