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Immerse in Hassle-Free Digital World of Mainland
“Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number – $18/month, access mobile payment apps in Mainland China

Easy and convenient Easy and convenient

  • Simply enable in your mobile phone and upload documents to complete Real-name Registration, you can then use the mainland mobile number in 2 days
  • Sign up for services and apps in mainland conveniently, e.g. confirmation SMS, transaction message, one-time passwords, etc
  • Send/receive1 SMS and receive calls2 in mainland
  • Apply for “Real-name Registration Certificate”3 in CARE App to bind with bank accounts, access mobile payment apps, call taxis with apps or shop online4
  • No SIM swaps required

1This service can only send SMS to dedicated mainland phone number (12306, 9xxxx, 106xxxxxx) and Hong Kong/Overseas mobile phone number. The customer should download the Add-on Numbers / Easy Number app to use the service.

2If you want to receive phone calls or SMS outside Hong Kong, roaming service must be activated on your SmarTone monthly mobile plan’s main line number.

3After Real-name registration has been completed, customer can apply for “Real-name Registration Certificate” in CARE App.

4The scope and service applicability of “Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number depend on the network coverage and service terms of third-party service providers. Please contact the respective service provider for details.