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“Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number
Activate in Hong Kong, seamless connection in Mainland.

SmarTone customers can click here , or download Add-on Number / Easy Number app now to activate “Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number!

Steps for subscription & real-name registration of mainland mobile number

  1. Open SmarTone CARE App, select “More” from the bottom-right menu > “Value-Added Services” > Easy Number > “Subscribe Now”
  2. Download and open “Add-on Numbers” App to submit information of “Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents” and a real-time self-portrait of the mobile service plan account holder or authorised user for Real-name Registration
  3. After document submission, customer will be notified of the status of the Real-name Registration via SMS within 2 days. If the registration is successful, you can start using your “Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number and the “Real-name Registration Certificate” will be sent to your registered email. You can also login to SmarTone website and get it in “My Documents” under “My Account”.
  4. The validity of "Real-name Registration Certificate" is about a year. You can apply a new one via Care App > "More" > Value Added Services > Easy Number. The new “Real-name Registration Certificate” will be ready within 1 hour.