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Immerse in Hassle-Free Digital World of Mainland
“Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number – $18/month, access mobile payment apps in Mainland China
SmarTone customers can click here , or download Add-on Number / Easy Number app now to activate “Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number!

Steps for subscription & real-name registration of mainland mobile number

  1. Open CARE APP and select “Value-Added Services” from the top-left menu > Easy Number > “Subscribe Now”
  2. Download and open “Add-on Numbers” app to submit personal information, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents and recent photo for real-name registration, and the service will be activated in 2 days

Real-name Registration Certificate Application Steps

You will receive a confirmation SMS after completing real-name registration successfully. You can then apply for “Real-name Registration Certificate”.

  1. Open CARE App and select “Value-Added Services” from the top-left menu > Easy Number > “Apply for Certificate (Must Complete RNR)”
  2. The Real-name Registration Certificate will be sent to your registered email within 5-7 working days after submitting the application