“Easy Number” Mainland Mobile Number - Charges - SmarTone
"Easy Number" Mainland Mobile Number
Activate in Hong Kong, seamless connection in Mainland.


  • No need to buy a SIM in Mainland, simply activate the "Easy Number" in Hong Kong and go online instantly upon crossing the border
  • Open bank accounts, access mobile payment apps, sign up for services1 and more in Mainland conveniently
  • Receive calls, send/receive SMS2,3 such as transaction message, one-time passwords and more


Standard Plan

HK$ 18 / month

No fixed contract period

Additional charges as below:

Receiving SMS Free
Sending SMS

To designated Mainland phone number3: HK$3 / SMS


To Hong Kong or oversea number: HK$4.8 / SMS

Receiving Calls

In Hong Kong: Basic local calls


Outside Hong Kong: Applicable roaming charges

1 The scope and service applicability of "Easy Number" Mainland Mobile Number depend on the network coverage and service terms of third-party service providers. Please contact the respective service provider for details.

2 If you want to receive phone calls or SMS outside Hong Kong, roaming service must be activated on your SmarTone monthly mobile plan’s main line number.

3 This service can only send SMS to dedicated mainland phone number (12306, 9xxxx, 106xxxxxx) and Hong Kong/Overseas mobile phone number. The customer should download the Add-on Numbers / Easy Number app to use the service.

Terms and Conditions for this Service:

  • The Service is only available for customer who has subscribed to the Company’s monthly mobile service plan with Hong Kong Identity Card. Applicant must be the account holder or the authorized user dedicated by the account holder, and must be aged 18 or above. If an account holder appoints any authorized user to manage the account under his/her monthly mobile service plan, the account holder will not be entitled to apply for the Service.
  • Each Hong Kong Identity Card holder can only subscribe to a maximum number of 3 Standard Plans of the Service, while each SmarTone mobile phone number can be registered for one Standard Plan only. Each Standard Plan will be allocated with one Mainland mobile number.
  • Customer must agree and comply with the arrangement of Registration of True Identity Information of users for Mainland mobile numbers. Customer is required to download the Add-on Numbers / Easy Number app to submit personal information, the copy of Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents and a recent photo of the applicant. After document submission, customer will be notified of the registration status of True Identity Information via SMS within 2 days. If the registration is successful, the service can be used immediately.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C –V126 for details.