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Monthly Fee Local Data Thereafter Charge
(on 'Advise and Consent'
Voice Mins
Contract Term
HK$298 6GB HK$50/500MB 4,000 24 months

Subscription to designated mobile service plan / HomePhone+ can enjoy up to 9-Month Fee Waiver for Fibre Broadband service, when you also subscribe to Fibre Broadband service for your home.

Other services included: Intra SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, caller number display, call waiting and conference call.

  • At any time when the local data usage on a plan nearly reaches the monthly allowance, an SMS notification or an email will be sent to the customer. The customer may reply to the SMS or via subscription page link on the email to purchase a top-up. If no top-up is purchased, data service will be suspended when the data usage has reached the allowance. Customer may purchase a top-up at any time to resume service, or wait until the beginning of the next bill month to commence service again with the new monthly data allowance.

    Any unused top-up local mobile data can be carried forward for free and can be used before the end of the next bill month. This is only applicable to designated service plans (1GB or above) with an “Advise & Consent” mechanism for the purchase of top-up data.

  • The thereafter charge (on ‘Advise and Consent’ basis) will be changed to HK$148/10GB when you subscribe to 10GB Add-on Local Data.

Terms and Conditions for these Plans

    SuperCare Connected Device Plans:
  • Customers are required to pay an admin fee of HK$18/month.
  • Additional voice minutes charge of $0.9/min for using voice call on tablets with voice capability.
  • Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purposes. Each full charge unit is based on a per minute airtime charge.
  • Free intra SMS is available when using a tablet to send local SMS to SmarTone customers.
  • Roaming charge & standard roaming data charge apply when roaming. Please ask our store assistants or visit our website for details.
  • Registration is required for data roaming service. Standard roaming data charge will be applied or customers can choose our Roaming Data Day Plan for a more economical alternative.
  • Intra SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, caller number display, call waiting and conference call are only available on designated tablets. Please ask our store assistants for details.
  • The minimum roaming data charging unit is 1KB. Usage under 1KB will be rounded up to the nearest 1KB.
  • SuperCare Connected Device Plans are not applicable to 2G connected devices or any connected devices which has manually opted for 2G network. Actual data transmission speeds may vary due to Internet traffic conditions, local conditions, hardware, software and other conditions, which may arise.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-M075 for details.

  • Home Fibre Broadband Service Offer
  • Subscription to designated mobile service plan with the registration of Fibre Broadband service under the same account / Subscription to any HomePhone+ with the registration of ST Fibre Broadband under the same HKID is required.
  • The offer only applies to customers registering for broadband service at a designated resident address.
  • The number of monthly fee waiver depends on the Fibre Broadband’s service plan selected.
  • The waived monthly fee only includes basic Broadband Service, excluding entertainment pack.
  • The total waived monthly fee will be credited to the customer account over the contract period of the Service Plan. (Monthly rebate = The total waived monthly fee/30months)

  • 10GB Add-on Local Data:
  • Only available to customers who have subscribed to a designated SuperCare Connected Device Plan (10GB).
  • Contract is required if customers choose to subscribe to 10GB Add-on Local Data and the contract end date will be the same as SuperCare Connected Device Plan (10GB).
  • 10GB Add-on Local Data cannot be used in conjunction with Multi-SIM and Tag-On SIM Plans.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-T211  for details.

  • General Terms and Conditions:
  • The above offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Our Company reserves the right for final decision to this offer and changes the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • All promotions & services above are subject to relevant terms and conditions, please visit our website for details.