Google Play Direct Carrier Billing - FAQ - SmarTone
Google Play Direct Carrier Billing
You can now conveniently charge all your Google Play purchases to your SmarTone monthly bill
  • Q1Is “Google Play Direct Carrier Billing” available to all customers?

    This service is currently available to customers with monthly service plan subscription except PayGo customers, SmarTone stored-value SIM customers, or customers who have subscribed with a business registration.

  • Q2If I change to a new SIM card or another smartphone, do I need to enable “Google Play Direct Carrier Billing” again with my Google Play account?

    Yes, you will need to enable the service again.

  • Q3After enabling “Google Play Direct Carrier Billing”, can I change to another payment method?

    Yes, you can simply go to “My account” on Google Play to select another payment method.

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