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Network Priority Booster
A Faster Overall Online Experience with Network Priority


  • Even in the busiest of places, enjoy a higher network priority for a fast and smooth network experience
  • A superior online experience. Enjoy smoother video streaming, video conferencing and gaming with no lagging! Be a step ahead of others in buying concert tickets and trading stocks



Service Fees

Standard Plan
(No contract required)

12-month Contract Plan

Network Priority Booster



FREE 3-month*

*FREE 3-month Network Priority Booster offer: Only applicable designated customers who subscribe Network Priority Booster service plan with 12-month fixed-term contract. Free 3-month service fee offer is calculated based on the original monthly fee HK$58, after a rebate of HK$58 per month has been credited to the customer starting from the next bill month from service subscription for 3 bill months.

  • The Service is only available to Customer who has subscribed to a designated 5G Service Plan. The add-on SIM under the designated 5G Service Plan can also subscribe the Service individually.
  • During the Term of the Service Plan, more network resources will be allocated, and network usage will be prioritized to the local data entitlement of Specified Service Plan and extra top-up local data.
  • The Service Plan is only applicable to the local data entitlement and extra top-up local data of Designated Service Plan, but not applicable to any “FUP Unlimited Data”.
  • At the end of this contract, the Company will continue to provide the service and the customer will be charged at the prevailing rate.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-T370.