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Data Guard
24/7 Data Protection

Professional Data Protection Technology

  • Launched in Partnership with
    Top Security Company Zimperium
  • Standard of mobile protection technology, incorporate the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system
  • Winner of prestigious mobile security awards
  • Leading Technology for
    All Day Protection
  • All-round phone, web, Wi-Fi, SMS and App protection
  • Machine-learning powered detection of known and unknown threats to stop the running of abnormal Apps
  • 24/7 Protection in Just 1 Click
  • Quick, easy download and activation
  • Round-the-clock auto mobile protection, even when you’re offline
  • Personalised Features
  • Choose scan mode according to your needs
  • Blacklist / whitelist designated websites to block or browse specific content easily

Use Your Device with Greater Peace of Mind

  • Secure Online Shopping/Banking
  • The Web Safety alerts you to fraudulent websites to avoid monetary loss
  • Minimise Public Wi-Fi Risks
  • When you are trying to connect to a risky Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi Safety will warn you, preventing data theft
  • Protect Your Phone & Privacy
  • Prior to app download, the App Safety will evaluate its security*; while Phone Safety assesses the potential risks on your phone

    *Only applicable to Android users
  • Prevent Social Media Hacks
  • Stay one step ahead of hackers! If you accidentally click on fake social media links, Web Safety will promptly issue a warning
  • Detect Suspicious SMS to Prevent Data Leaks
  • Constantly receiving SMS from unknown senders? SMS Security automatically detects and filters messages with suspicious links
  • Stay Protected Online Even While Travelling
  • Minimise risks of connecting to public, hotel or in-flight Wi-Fi

Ultimate Line of Defense Created with Industry Leader

SmarTone's "Data Guard" is launched in partnership with Zimperium, a mobile security company. Zimperium is also the creator of the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system, an award-winning solution which provides a professional, reliable, comprehensive protection for smartphones!

  • Mobile Threat Defense Technology
  • Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2020:Gold Winner in Mobile Threat Defense -zPlatform

    Cyber Defense Magazine
  • Best Product Mobile Endpoint Security 2020

    Cyber Defense Magazine
  • Overall Mobile Security Solution of the Year 2019

    CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards

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