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Data Guard
24/7 Data Protection
  • About Data Guard

    Q1Why do I need an anti-cyberattack App for my smartphone?

    With viruses, malware and Wi-Fi fraud becoming more prevalent, mobile threats and cyber attacks have skyrocketed in recent years. Meanwhile, smartphones are becoming more and more closely connected to our daily lives, storing sensitive personal information. Hackers, malwares, and viruses can intrude and attack your smartphone anywhere and anytime, causing severe consequences. Therefore, it is a must to protect your smartphone with a powerful and reliable anti-cyberattack App.

  • Q2What is “Data Guard”?

    “Data Guard” is an innovative anti-cyberattack App that leverages artificial intelligence to protect your smartphone from known and even unknown mobile threats. This App is powered by Zimperium, a leading US-based security expert and technology company that invented the world’s first mobile AI intrusion prevention system.

  • Q3What are the differences between “ST Protect” and “Data Guard”? If I have already downloaded “ST Protect”, do I need to download “Data Guard” again?

    “Data Guard” is a fully upgraded version of “ST Protect”, providing you with a clearer user interface, more optimised functions and a more complete user experience. If you are an Android user, you will need to download “Data Guard” again. If you are an iPhone user and have already downloaded “ST Protect”, you will only need to update the App to enjoy the comprehensive and enhanced protective functions of “Data Guard”.

  • Q4What are the advantages of “Data Guard” over other anti-cyberattack Apps in the market?

    “Data Guard” provides a comprehensive protection against mobile attacks, including the accurate identification of malicious attacks from Wi-Fi networks, known and unknown threats, and even zero-day attacks*.
    Other anti-cyberattack Apps in the market can only protect against known threats, which means that they cannot protect your smartphone instantly as they require more time to add newly identified threats to their own databases.
    * A zero-day attack refers to a software vulnerability that is attacked before a patch becomes available.

  • Q5How can “Data Guard” protect my smartphone from unknown mobile threats?

    “Data Guard” continuously scans your smartphone using patented behavioral analytics. Therefore, it can identify abnormalities caused by unknown threats and protect your smartphone.

  • Q6What happens if a threat is detected? And what should I do?

    When a threat is detected, “Data Guard” will issue an alert and advise you of the appropriate action required to evade the detected threat. e.g. uninstall the suspicious App or disconnect from the Wi-Fi.

  • Getting started

    Q1Which smartphone platforms support “Data Guard”?

    Smartphones running iOS 10.0 or above, and Android™ 5.0 or above.

  • Q2After installing the App, how can I ensure my smartphone is protected?

    Simply open the App and the protection will start automatically.

  • Q3Is “Data Guard” available to everyone?

    “Data Guard” is exclusively available to SmarTone mobile service plan subscribers.

  • Data Guard App user interface and function

    Q1What is Phone Risk Assessment?

    “Data Guard” assesses phone specific risks. Common risks include outdated O/S, malwares, jailbreaks, etc.

  • Q2What is the Protection Log?

    This is an all-inclusive log of all the issues that “Data Guard” has identified. These include both issues from the Phone Risk Assessment, as well as threats identified from the Auto Web Scan.

  • Q3Why is frequent scanning required?

    “Data Guard” uses patented behavioral analytics for constantly scanning whenever the phone is connected to the internet and data is exchanged. Even if you are not actively accessing the web, many apps are downloading/uploading data in the background. Rest assure the “Data Guard” team has optimised the app to ensure that there should be no noticeable drain on battery or internet access speed.

  • Q4What are there so many threats?

    “Data Guard” constantly scans how your phone connects to the internet, and blocks relevant problematic websites. For details, you can view “Blocked Websites”. [Certain blocked websites will continue to attempt to access the phone via URL redirection, and these blocked attempts will be counted towards the total number of threats].

  • Q5What happens if I whitelist a Blocked website or mistakenly whitelist and blacklist the same website?

    Whitelist takes precedence.

  • Q6Why can’t I enter a website into whitelist/blacklist?

    Please enter http:// or https:// in front of the website address.

  • General Questions

    Q1Does “Data Guard” work offline?

    Yes. The App continuously protects your smartphone even if it is in offline mode.

  • Q2Will “Data Guard” drain my battery or data faster?

    “Data Guard” is designed to have minimal impact on battery life and data usage. Sometimes you may notice that, according to OS built-in statistics, “Data Guard” consumes considerable data and/or battery resource. As all mobile traffic, including those of other Apps, goes through “Data Guard” in the process of scanning, OS will show that “Data Guard” is consuming the corresponding data/ battery. Therefore, battery and data consumption shown in devices statistics do not represent actual usage.

  • Q3What do I need to do to move “Data Guard” to a new smartphone while retaining the same mobile number?

    Simply put your SmarTone SIM card into your new phone, download and open “Data Guard”. The protection will migrate from your old phone to your new phone.