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Kono Magazine
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About Kono Magazine
  • Q1What is Kono Magazine?

    Kono Magazine is a customized Chinese digital magazine platform with an aim of breaking down barriers in print magazines and empowering readers to access quality magazines anytime, anywhere through their interactive interface for an innovative and pleasurable reading experience.

  • Q2What kind of magazines are available on Kono?

    Over 100 types of magazines from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Europe and exclusive Chinese translated version of Japanese magazines are available on Kono. There are several thousands of magazines covering a wide range of topics ranging from Fashion to Home & Design, and from Travel to pets catering for your varying needs.

  • Q3What are the key features of Kono Magazine?

    “Unique System” – It allows you to choose your own unique way of reading by dividing content into chapters and well-written sentences.
    “Search function” – The search function allows you to search through all magazines and articles in the library effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about filtering out content that suits you. Kono will recommend articles that may interest you based on your reading history and preference. It can also group similar articles under the same topic for you to read more effectively.
    “Customized library” - Build your own customized library to get the latest issue of your favorite magazine and notifications. Through “download magazine”, you can read magazines offline.

General Questions
  • Q1Which smart device and browser support Kono Magazine?

    iPhone/iPad iOS 10.0 or above , Android™ 4.1 or above , support general web browsers. If using Internet Explorer, it is recommended to run on Internet Explorer 9.0 or above.

  • Q2Does Kono Magazine platform support offline reading?

    Yes. Registered Kono user can download any magazines to “My magazine” for offline reading on Kono App. First, go to the menu, then select “download” to download your favorite magazine for reading offline anytime anywhere. If subscription got cancelled, account will be suspended and offline reading will no longer be supported.