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$48 Broadband & Voice Stored-Value SIM - Voice & Low Data Users’ Pick

Local Calls
Local calls
Voice Basic:
Off-Peak (Daily 21:00 – 11:59) HK$0.05
Peak (Daily 12:00 – 20:59) HK$0.12
Or choose the optional Monthly Local Voice Pack:
HK$10 / 200 mins
HK$28 / Unlimited
Video Inter/ Intra HK$1.50
Local voice call is charged on a per-minute basis. Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purposes.
Monthly Local Voice Pack:
  • The pack is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription. The fee will be deducted automatically every 30 days
  • If the SIM card balance is insufficient for fee deduction and/or the SIM card validity is less than 30 days on the payment day, the pack will be automatically terminated
  • If the allowance of the pack is used up, local call will be charged based on the basic local airtime charge thereafter. You can subscribe to a new Monthly Local Voice Pack
  • All unused allowance of Local Voice Call Pack cannot be carried forward to the next month

Instructions for Local Calls Service:

  In Hong Kong While roaming
SMS Send to SmarTone customers HK$0.2 Send to HK mobile network HK$7
Send to other local networks HK$0.7
Send international SMS to China network HK$1.0 Send to local or 3rd country mobile network HK$9
Send international SMS to other overseas network HK$1.8
MMS MMS Intra / Inter HK$1.5 Send to HK mobile network HK$1.5, plus data roaming charge
Send to overseas network HK$3.0 Send to local or 3rd country mobile network HK$3 , plus data roaming charge
Receive Free Receive HK$0.12/KB
The minimum roaming MMS (receiving) charging unit is 1KB. Usage under 1KB will be rounded up to the nearest 1KB.

Instructions for Messaging Services:

Call Management Service Pack
Service Charge
Call Management Service Pack
Services included:
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Basic Call Guard
  • System Alert Forwarding Service
HK$28/30 days

The services included in this pack will be effective immediately upon successful subscription. Call management services require a separate application (please refer to the instruction of "Call Management Service" for details). Once you subscribe to this pack, the call management service/ monthly local voice pack you are using will be terminated and the service fee will not be refunded.

Call Management Services
Service Charges
Caller Number Display Free of charge
Call Waiting
  • Free subscription
  • Airtime charge will be incurred for all calls you answer
Conference Call
Call Forwarding HK$15/month
Voice Mail HK$15/month

For retrieving messages through your card:
  • charged at local airtime rate (local use)
  • roaming charges (overseas use)
Connecting Tone
  • HK$20/month (including 1 connecting tone change per month)
  • HK$5 / additional tone change
Basic Call Guard HK$8/month
System Alert Forwarding Service HK$8/30 days

The above monthly service charges will be deducted automatically from the SIM card every month (Notes: if the date of subscription fall between 28th – 31st inclusive, the monthly fee will be deducted on 28th of each month). If the SIM card balance is insufficient for charge deduction and/or the SIM card validity is less than 1 month on the monthly renewal day of the subscribed service, the service (except Connecting Tone) will be automatically cancelled. Customer is required to top-up the SIM card at $50 or above and subscribe the service again. While Connecting Tone will be reactivated upon deduction of monthly fee.

Basic Call Guard:

Basic Call Guard blocks reported junk calls at the mobile network only. Call Guard app and other features (including overseas call notification, personal blacklist, bar withheld numbers, exceptional list, forward junk calls to voicemail and VIP list) are not available.

System Alert Forwarding Service:

This service allows you to divert the system SMS alerts (including stored value balance and expiry date of the Prepaid SIM card) to your preset Hong Kong mobile number on any network.

Instructions for Call Management Services:

  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.