Cyber Security Matters to You

The threat landscape of cyberattacks is rapidly changing. Even a single move online could lead you into a trap without knowing it, or could even threaten your personal safety.

The consequences of ignoring cyber security can be disastrous

Don't want to get doxxed and become famous overnight?

Online chats may turn into threatening abuse?

Company's unpublished works are already published?

A few shirts will end up costing more than a car?

Best online defence for peace of mind

SmarTone is providing various security services suitable for you, guarding your smartphone against cyber threats that are happening every day. Be offensive and defensive with Cyber-security Smart Protector, the best online defence for peace of mind.

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Tips for smartphone security

Develop good habits to protect your smartphones from cyber threats. SmarTone has devised a bunch of cyber security tips to show you how to beef up phone security, giving you peace of mind.

Mobile Security and Anti-virus Strategy Class

Learn valuable tips to protect mobile data, prevent viruses and cyber attacks, and improve the security of your mobile in all aspects via anti-virus apps

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Cyber Security Notifications

Keep up to date with the latest cyber security news that is relevant to you so as to keep up your guard and to adopt preventive or remedial measures as soon as possible.

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