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海 外 數 據 增 值 易
Overseas Roaming Data Auto Topped Up in HK
Auto Top-up Abroad Pack - Enjoy 40GB destinations data, no contract period

Provides a caring back-up for children studying overseas. The Auto Top-up Abroad Pack gives parents peace of mind with an auto top-up function, whereby children don’t have to top-up the SIM locally.

$148 Monthly with Auto Top-up
$148 Monthly with Auto Top-up
No Contract Period
No Contract Period*
40GB of UK Local Data
40GB of UK Local Data
  • Suitable for the UK, enjoy 40GB UK data, 5GB European destinations data and 1,500 voice minutes with a UK mobile number.
  • Auto top-up monthly - children do not have to top-up the SIM locally and can stay connected giving them and their parents peace of mind
  • No contract period.

Child visit choice

  • Add the “12-day Roaming Data Pass” at a discounted price of HK$36/ month# discount. Go online freely when visiting children abroad.

*Fixed-Term contract is not required for Auto Top-up Abroad Pack, customers are required to pay service fee monthly (on every 30 days). Customers need to reserve no less than 7 days in advance to inform the Company to terminate the service.

#12-month contract is required; only applicable for customer who subscribed Auto Top-up Abroad Pack.

    Auto Top-up Abroad Pack
  • The service is only available for customer who has subscribed to the Company’s SuperCare Smartphone plan/ SuperCare Family plan.
  • The service includes one mobile phone prepaid SIM card for designated country/destination. The Company will start to charge the service at the month of the service subscription, and the Customers need to activate the prepaid SIM card within 6 months upon the service subscription.
  • The prepaid SIM card is valid for 30 days after the activation date; mobile service of the prepaid SIM card is provided by designated operator, subject to the relevant operator’s terms and conditions.
  • Once the prepaid SIM card activated, 30-day UK & 37 European destinations data, Voice minutes & SMS in the UK, and auto top-up service will be effective at the same time.
  • For customers who have subscribed to the service, auto top-up will be carried out to the prepaid SIM card every 30 days; the validity of the prepaid SIM card will be reset to 30 days on the date of every auto top-up, and the data, voice minutes and SMS will be also reset.
  • Customers need to ensure continuously subscribe to Auto Top-up Abroad Pack to retain the number and continue using the prepaid SIM card’s service.
  • Other top-up methods are not applicable to the prepaid SIM card.
  • The Company makes no representation or guarantee as to the quality and availability of the services provided by the Merchants.
  • If customers change to other non-designated mobile service plan/the mobile service plan is terminated or disconnected for whatever reason, auto top-up service will be terminated.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-V140 .

  • 12-day Virtual WiFi Egg Roaming Data Pass (Europe, the USA and other destinations):
  • The monthly fee of 12-day Virtual WiFi Egg Roaming Data Pass (Europe, the USA and other destinations) (“Roaming Data Pass”) is $36 and contract period is 12 months, and only available to the Customer who has subscribed to Auto Top-up Abroad Pack and designated service plan.
  • The Customer who subscribe 12-day Virtual WiFi Egg Roaming Data Pass should also activate Virtual WiFi Egg and roaming service at the same time. Please click here for details of Virtual WiFi Egg.
  • Each mobile number can only subscribe to the Pass a maximum of 5 Roaming Data Pass.
  • Roaming Data Pass has a validity period of 12 months using Virtual WiFi Egg at designated destinations. It is not necessary to use the Roaming Data Pass on consecutive days.
  • Any unused day(s) remaining in the Roaming Data Pass will automatically be forfeited upon expiry of the validity period.
  • If data usage exceeds the day limit of the Roaming Data Pass or at non-designated destination, the Customer will be charged at the original day plan price according to the destination(s) of the Customer.
  • Roaming Data Pass cannot be used in conjunction with designated DataRoam services, 10 day Roaming Data Pass (Europe, the USA and others).
  • (Applicable to Family Plan) Roaming Data Pass is only available to main SIM mobile number under designated Family Plan. All mobile numbers under the designated Family plan should also activate the Virtual WiFi Egg and Roaming service to enjoy the Roaming Data Pass upon subscription of the main SIM. If 2 mobile numbers under the designated Family plan use the Roaming Data Pass at the same time, this would be counted as 2 days usage of the Roaming Data Pass.
  • (If applicable) If the Customer purchased more than one Roaming Data Pass, the expiry date of the last purchased Roaming Data Pass shall apply to the expiry date for all the Roaming Data Passes.
  • (If applicable) If the Customer purchased more than one Roaming Data Pass for different groups of destinations, deduction on usage of roaming data shall follow the following deduction sequence: 1) China/Macau Data Pass; 2) Asia Pacific Data Pass; 3) Europe, USA and other destinations Data Pass.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-I039 for details.