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Watch TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere
A. About Netflix

  • Q1
    What is Netflix?


    Netflix is a streaming service that allows customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, Netflix originals and feature films across different genres and languages on internet-connected devices. Members can enjoy unlimited content without watching a single commercial. There's always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month!

  • Q2
    How do I watch Netflix content?


    In order to watch Netflix content, you must be connected to the Internet via mobile data or WiFi. After successful subscription, you can watch Netflix contents by the Netflix streaming software or download contents on certain devices:
    Streaming: The Netflix streaming software allows you to instantly watch content from Netflix through any internet-connected device that offers the Netflix app.
    Download: You can download select TV shows and movies on the Netflix app to watch offline later. This feature is available on the Netflix app for Apple iOS or Android mobile devices, and computers and tablets running Windows 10.
    (The Netflix App’s supportable devices are subject to announcements on the Netflix website. For enquiries, please visit https://help.netflix.com/en .)

  • Q3
    How much does Netflix cost?


    Netflix is a monthly subscription service that will charge every month on the date you signed up. Monthly charges are billed at the beginning of your billing cycle and a variety of plans are being offered to fit your life.
    Basic Plan: Watch on 1 screen in Standard Definition quality: HK$63/month
    Standard Plan: Watch on 2 screens at a time in High Definition (when available) quality: HK$78/month
    Premium Plan: Watch on 4 screens at a time in High Definition and Ultra High Definition (when available): HK$93/month
    (The terms and conditions are subject to the announcement of the Netflix website.)

B. About 'Pay by SmarTone bill (Netflix)'

  • Q1
    Who can sign up for Netflix through "Pay by SmarTone bill (Netflix)"?


    This service is currently available to SmarTone customers with a monthly mobile bill account (except PayGo customers, SmarTone stored-value SIM customers, or customers who have subscribed with a business registration).

  • Q2
    How can I sign up to "Pay by SmarTone bill (Netflix)"?


    You can visit the SmarTone website and SmarTone Care app for details, or click here to choose a membership plan and create a new Netflix account. You will need to set up your payment method as "Add to monthly mobile bill" with your SmarTone mobile number. Once your information has been verified, your Netflix membership monthly subscription will add to your mobile bill, shown as "Netflix Subscription".

C. Payments and Purchases

  • Q1
    Is there a maximum purchase amount using "Pay by SmarTone Bill (Netflix)"?


    Yes. For every newly opened monthly bill account for mobile telephone services, purchases of up to HK$300 can be made every month via "Pay by SmarTone Bill (Netflix Subscription)" within the first 180 days after the activation of the service. Thereafter, the limit will change to HK$500 per month. The period of each monthly limit starts from the first day of the calendar month and ends on the last day of the calendar month.

  • Q2
    I have multiple devices logged in with the same Netflix account. Can I disable "Pay by SmarTone Bill (Netflix)" for specific devices?


    No, Netflix monthly subscription fee is charged per Netflix account and not based on the number of devices.

  • Q3
    Will I need to sign up "Pay by SmarTone Bill (Netflix)" again if I change my mobile number?


    Yes, you will need to login to your original Netflix account and then change your mobile number on "Account" page.

  • Q4
    How do I cancel my Netflix subscription?


    Visit your account settings through Netflix platforms and cancel your membership in the "account page".

  • Q5
    If I cancel my Netflix subscription before it ends, will it be pro-rata?


    No, subscription will not be pro-rata for any month that you have already started. The Netflix subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis.

  • Q6
    How do I update my Netflix payment method?


    Sign in to the Netflix website http://www.netflix.com/smartone and visit your account to update your payment method.

D. Data Charges

  • Q1
    Apart from the amount charged for Netflix subscription, are there additional fees using "Pay by SmarTone Bill (Netflix)"?


    Any download or streaming of contents in the Netflix Application or website and use of the Service will incur data charges. It will be charged at or deducted from relevant subscribed service plans, and charged at the applicable thereafter fee. Standard roaming data charges will apply while using a relevant subscribed service plan to access the Service abroad.