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Music platform for youngsters
  • Q1
    Can I use JOOX on WiFi?


    Yes. JOOX can be used on WiFi and mobile network.

  • Q2
    Can downloaded songs be transferred and played on another device?


    No. You can only enjoy the downloaded songs with the JOOX app. The songs cannot be copied to another device.

  • Q3
    How do I use JOOX after I have registered to the service?


    You will receive an account activation SMS, please click the link inside the SMS to start using the service.

    • If you already installed JOOX, click “Open JOOX”
    • If you have not installed JOOX, click “Download JOOX”. After download and registration are complete, click “Open JOOX”.

    Please click “OK” to start using the service

  • Q4
    Can I use JOOX when I am abroad?


    Yes. You can enjoy JOOX on WiFi, but if you want to use it on mobile network, roaming data charges will apply when you are abroad. To enjoy better value, we suggest that you subscribe to one of our Roaming Data Day Plans.