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4K Video Content Streamed Extremely Smoothly
  • Q1What is hmvod?

    hmvod provides more than 10,000 hours online entertainment, includes Hollywood, Asian and Hong Kong movies, available immediate after theatre. Full-range of catalogues includes original drama series from hmvod, dramas, kids and variety shows. hmvod provides video-on-demand programmes streamed over the Internet to certain Internet-connected mobiles, tablets, Smart TVs, Apple TV, computers and other devices ("hmvod ready devices") to our subscribers .

  • Q2What is hmvod “Movie Voucher”?

    Voucher is used to rent movies/ programmes tagged with "VOUCHER" and you have 48 hours to watch your rental upon confirmation of the order. You can see the movie voucher required for renting a movie/ programmes marked with "VOUCHER" on their respective information pages. The validation period of free 2 hmvod “Movie Vouchers” is one month. System shall automatically deduct / cancel any unused movie voucher after one month. You can watch movies / programmes under "VIP UNLIMITED" and “FREE TO WATCH” without using any credit / movie voucher.

  • Q3How can I access hmvod?

    You can access hmvod via smart phones, tablets, PC or smart TVs.
    The available devices running designated software versions of compatible mobile operating systems will be updated and amended from time to time. Please click here for details.

  • Q4Can I watch the videos offline?

    hmvod offers temporary download function. You may download your desired programmes in Hong Kong and watch them in offline mode. Download function is only available for mobile apps version.
    Downloaded "Voucher" programmes will be expired within 48 hours. You must rent and download the programmes again shall you wish to watch it after the expiry date.
    Downloaded "VIP Unlimited" video will be expired in 30 days or before your service termination date, whichever is earlier. If you wish to watch the programmes after their expiry dates, you must download the programmes again. (Download function is only available for mobile apps version)