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  • Q1Is the "Gamergizer" available to all customers?

    "Gamergizer" is available to any SmarTone customers who have subscribed to a designated 5G Service Plan.

  • Q2Is "Gamergizer" eligible for extra top-up local data and “FUP Unlimited Data Plan”?

    "Gamergizer" is only available for the local data entitlement of Specified Service Plan and extra top-up local data, but not for “FUP Unlimited Data Plan”. When the monthly local data allowance of Specified Service Plan has been fully consumed, the "Gamergizer" service will also be suspended until the next bill month and will only be resumed once the Customer purchases data top-up options.

  • Q3Is "Gamergizer" eligible for roaming data?

    "Gamergizer" only has a local data entitlement and does not include roaming data.

  • Q4Can all add-on SIM mobile numbers under 5G Service Plan subscribe to the "Gamergizer" Service individually?

    Yes. Upon add-on SIM subscription of the designated 5G Service Plan, all mobile numbers under the Plan can subscribe to the "Gamergizer" service individually.