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Connecting Tone
Connecting Tone
Share your favourite tunes with friends when they call
Services Service Fees*
Connecting Tone HK$20/ month
HK$18ˇ/ month
(12-month contract required)
Includes 1 connecting tone change per month
HK$5 / additional tone change
Connecting Tone Channels+
Basic Plan Premium Plan
HK$18/ month
(24-month contract required)
HK$28/ month
(24-month contract required)
- Select 1 channel from 7
- Includes 1 channel change per month
- Select 2 channel from 7
- Includes 2 channel changes per month
HK$18 / additional connecting tone channel change

* In addition to service fees, browsing Connecting Tone content or sampling music tracks will incur data. It will be deducted from relevant subscribed service plans and charged at the applicable thereafter fee. Alternatively, it will be charged based on standard data charges.

  • Includes Canto pop, International, Everegreen, Mandarin, TV Drama and Movie, K-POP and Classical music channels. Each channel loops 8 tunes and is updated monthly.
  • 24-month contract is required.
  • 12-month contract is required.
  • These services are available exclusively to SmarTone customers.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-V095