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Q1: Can I use KKBOX on WiFi?

Yes. KKBOX can be used on WiFi and mobile network.

Q2: Can I sign in to KKBOX using the same account on two mobile devices simultaneously?

No. You can only sign in to KKBOX on one mobile device at any time.

Q3: Can downloaded songs be transferred and played on another device?

No. You can only enjoy the downloaded songs with the KKBOX app. The songs cannot be copied to another device or burnt onto a CD.

Q4: How to check the online schedule of artists in “People”?

Tap “People” on the bottom right corner of the app, and the schedule will be shown.


Q5: How can I become a DJ and share music with the “People” feature?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. kkbox

    1. Play the song you would like to share with others. Tap kkbox on the top right corner


    2. Turn on kkbox


    3. The “Now on air” status will be shown at the top


    4. Your nickname will be shown in the “Hot DJ” list under “People” and other users can see the song you are playing and listen together with you

Q6: Which platforms support KKBOX?

KKBOX can be enjoyed on smartphones running:

  • - iOS 8.0 or above and on Apple Watch App for iPhone
  • - Android™ 4.0 or above
  • - Windows Phone 8 or above

Q7: Can I use KKBOX when I am abroad?

Yes. You can enjoy KKBOX on WiFi, but if you want to use it on mobile network, roaming data charges will apply when you are abroad. To enjoy better value, we suggest that you subscribe to one of our Roaming Data Day Plans that suits you.