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Phone Content Transfer Service
All SmarTone Smartphone Plan / Connected Device Plan/ Handset Super Offer customers can enjoy our free phone content transfer service at any of our stores. For customers who prefer to do it themselves, please refer to the easy to follow guide below.
Leave It To Us (FREE)
With the help of our expert staff
We will transfer the following contents for you for free:
  • Contacts / Photos / Videos / Music
  • Installed Apps (applicable to same platform)
  • WhatsApp chat history (applicable to same platform*)

To enjoy this free service, simply:

Do It Yourself
With the help of our guide

Simply follow the steps in the guide, you can transfer the content to your new iPhone or Android phone whenever and wherever you want.

Content transfer guide:

* For iOS devices, WhatsApp chat history will be transferred via iCloud.

·The lead time of content transfer may vary between models and is subject to the respective model and amount of content.
·Due to different file types of the old and new handset, content may not be entirely transferred to the new handset during the process.
·The Phone Content Transfer Service is not available to device which has been modified in an unauthorized way (e.g. jailbreaking).
·Customers are strongly encouraged to backup all data and information on their device prior to the Phone Content Transfer Service.
·Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-V101 for details.