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001 IDD
International Video Call

International Video Call service has been ceased. For inquiries, please call our 24-hr Toll Free Hotline at +852 2880 2688.

Now, come face to face with the overseas person you are speaking to with video call, it is like being there.

International video call rates for major destinations
Destinations International Video Call
24 hours flat rate (per min.)
Australia HK$8.00
Austria HK$9.00
Belgium HK$20.00
Mainland HK$20.00
Denmark HK$9.00
Finland HK$20.00
France HK$14.50
Germany HK$9.00
Greece HK$18.00
Hungary HK$18.00
Indonesia HK$12.00
Ireland HK$9.00
Israel HK$12.00
Italy HK$18.00
Japan HK$8.00
Luxembourg HK$20.00
Macau HK$8.00
Malaysia HK$8.00
Netherlands HK$18.00
New Zealand HK$9.00
Norway HK$20.00
Philippines HK$9.00
Poland HK$18.00
Portugal HK$18.00
Singapore HK$8.00
South Korea HK$8.00
Spain HK$20.00
Sweden HK$9.00
Switzerland HK$18.00
Taiwan HK$9.00
Thailand HK$18.00
United Arab Emirates HK$20.00
United Kingdom HK$8.80
For other destinations, please click here

Dialling Method:

or dial , then press

  • SmarTone customers with a specified mobile monthly plan can enjoy 001 IDD when calling from Hong Kong to overseas using international video calls.
  • IDD charges are calculated on a 6-second incremental basis.
  • In addition to Long Distance Call rates, video calling airtime charges is also applied. All charges will apply once the call is connected.
  • Video calling rates are applicable to calls made to mobile phones only.
  • Listed prices are subject to change without prior notice.