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Application of Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards
According to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, staring from 1 Mar 2022, local pre-paid SIM card users (including voice, data and/or short message services (SMS) SIM cards) must complete real-name registration with their telecommunications service provider in order to activate or continue the use of SIM card service.
New pre-paid SIM card users
Required to be registered before use
Existing pre-paid SIM card users
Required to complete real-name registration before 23 Feb 2023
Real-name Registration Extra Recharge Bonus

From now on, you can enjoy extra HK$20 data bonus for every HK$50 or above recharge upon completion of Real-name Registration! The more you recharge, the more bonuses you’ll get!

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In case:

Recharge Methods Basic Bonus*
(Every HK$50 Recharge) 
Extra Bonus Upon Real-name Registration
(Every HK$50 Recharge)
Total Bonus
Voucher Electronic Recharge Extra HK$20 Data Bonus HK$25 Data Bonus
Electronic Recharge 20% Data Bonus
Extra HK$20 Data Bonus  HK$30 Data Bonus

*Basic Bonuses are based on recharge amount

  • The promotion for Extra Bonus is valid till 31 December 2022
  • All data bonuses can only be used to deduct data pack fee
  • Electronic Recharge Channels included online recharge, PPS, ATM, AlipayHK app , Octopus app, WeChat Pay (Hong Kong wallet) and Kiosk
  • Extra data bonus will be granted to SIM card within 7 working days
  • SmarTone reserves the right of final decision of the offer and may change the terms and conditions without prior Notice
How to Registration:

Registration Requirement

(Aged 16 or Above)
(Aged Under 16)
Required items & documents
  • Valid pre-paid SIM card to be registered
  • HKID/ other identity document
  • Valid pre-paid SIM card to be registered
  • HKID/ other identity document
  • HKID/ other identity document of endorsing adult
  • Valid pre-paid SIM card to be registered
  • Number of the valid Business / Branch Registration Certificate
  • HKID/ other identity document
(Each telecommunications operator)
10 Max. for each individual 10 Max. for each individual 25 Max. for each business/corporation

For any enquiry, please call our 24-hour service hotline at (852) 2880 2688.