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$65 Local Prepaid SIM

$65 / 30-Day Local Data & Voice Pack

Local Data & Voice Pack

Service Charge
Basic Charge


Local Voice Call

Free for first 2,000 minutes, HK$0.15 per minute thereafter

  • No subscriptions needed, simply insert the SIM to start using instantly. The fee will be deducted from stored-value upon subscription
  • If the SIM card balance is insufficient for deduction and/or the SIM card validity is less than 30 days on the payment day, the pack will be terminated. After recharge your SIM, the pack will be renewed automatically
  • This SIM Card supports 5G/4G/3G phones/connected devices
  • Data usage on smartphone and tablet only. Actual data transmission speeds may vary due to Internet traffic conditions, local conditions, hardware, software and other factors which may arise
  • If the entitlement of the pack is used up, local call will be charged based on the basic local airtime charge thereafter.
  • All unused entitlement cannot be carried forward to the following month
  • ^First 5GB data access speed up to 42Mbps, under FUP (Fair Usage Policy), when the data use reaches the fair usage level of 5GB, the data service will continue at a speed up to 2Mbps until next payment date
  • Local voice call is charged on a per-minute basis. Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purposes
Target customers
  • Primary/ Secondary Students
  • Retirees or elderlies

A fixed monthly fee with data & voice call included