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$98 Data Prepaid SIM Card (China-HK-Macau)

Recharge Bonus
Recharge Amount Recharge Bonus
(Base on recharge amount)
HK$50 – HK$99 5%
HK$100 – HK$199 10%
HK$200 – HK$299 20%
HK$300 or above 30%

Recharge Methods

You may recharge your stored-value SIM in any of the following ways.

Recharge Voucher

Purchase a recharge voucher at any SmarTone store, SmarTone Online Store, SmarTone direct sales team or over 900 authorised resellers displaying the SmarTone signage in Hong Kong. Simply follow the recharge procedure printed on the voucher to recharge your card while you are in Hong Kong or overseas. The recharge value will be instantly loaded to your account.

Now also available at new sales outlets:

Mong Kok East Station - Vending Machine

Kowloon Tong Station (Paid Concourse) - Vending Machine

Recharge via the Internet
Secure online recharge with your credit card while you are in Hong Kong or overseas.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
Just enter your mobile number under 'Bill/Account/Invoice Number' at any ATM with bill payment service to complete the transaction. Top up effective time via 'Jetco'/ 'ETC', within 30 minutes / 2 working days respectively.

Payment By Phone Service (PPS) (Merchant code:30)
  • Dial 18011 for PPS bill registration and 18031 for recharge. Enter merchant code and your mobile phone number, then follow the instruction to recharge your card
  • The recharge value will be added to your account within 2 working days

Recharge via SmarTone CARE app
  • Open SmarTone CARE app and tap "Top up" icon, then follow the instructions to recharge with your credit card
  • Recharge value will be loaded to your account within 5 minutes
  • SmarTone CARE app can be used on smartphone running ios 10.0 or above AndroidTM 5.0 or above. You can download SmarTone CARE app from App Store or Google Play. Free local data for browsing SmarTone CARE app during the promotion period (except for app download)

Recharge via Alipay HK app
  • Only Chinese version is available for this service

Recharge via Octopus app
  • Open Octopus app and tap "Payment" icon
  • Choose "SmarTone" and click "Prepaid Card Recharge"
  • Enter your mobile number and recharge amount, then press "Pay Now"
  • Choose the payment type
    1. Octopus Wallet: Log in your Octopus Wallet account, then click "Confirm"; or
    2. Octopus card: Turn on NFC function on your device, then tap your Octopus card
  • The recharge value will be added to your account within 5 minutes

Recharge via WeChat Pay (Hong Kong wallet)
  • Open WeChat app and tap "Wallet" icon under "Me"
  • Press "Telecom Payment" icon, choose "Prepaid Card Top-up"
  • Enter your mobile number, choose "SmarTone" and recharge amount, then press "Recharge Now"
  • Follow the instruction to input payment passcode to recharge your prepaid card
  • The recharge value will be added to your account within 5 minutes

·The validity of your card will be reset for 180 days upon recharge at HK$50 or above per transaction.
·Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.