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Unlike other call-blocking service, Call Guard is network-based and stops junk calls from reaching your "HomePhone+". If users ever receive a junk call, they can report the number, adding it to our ever-expanding junk caller database and effectively stop that caller from reaching any other user. A range of useful blocking options helps you manage incoming calls better. Take control of incoming calls.


Block junk calls


A range of flexible blocking options


Call Guard


Call Guard

  • Call Guard takes advantage of SmarTone's network to block junk calls from getting through to your "HomePhone+", even local or overseas calls with a hidden caller ID
  • Enjoy effective junk call blocking through our ever-expanding user-contributed database. Contribute to the database yourself by reporting the last junk call received* with a tap
  • All reported numbers are verified to prevent false reporting and protect user rights

  • White List – Only lets the people you care about reach you directly and forwards all other calls to voice recorder
  • Black List – Your own personalised list to block people you don't want to hear from
  • Bar Withheld Numbers – Block all incoming calls with a hidden caller ID. We also offer the flexibility for you to receive international calls even if the caller ID is hidden^
  • Unbar Junk Callers – In the unlikely event that you want to receive a marketing call, to ensure it won't be blocked by the Junk Calls feature, you may unblock the caller with the Unbar Junk Callers feature

  • Refers to the last call answered by the user or connected to voice recorder
  • The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden because of the IDD setting of the provider

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