Fibre Broadband

Price Plan

Price Plan

Monthly Fee as low as Contract Period
HK$45^ 24 months
Services included:
  • Free wireless digital home telephone
  • Free voice recorder*
  • Free call management services including caller display, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling
  • Free overseas calls with VoIP
  • Free Home Assistant service
  • IDD calls with everyday flat rates

^ Service Monthly Fee is HK$68 and 24-month contract is required. Existing designated mobile service plan / Fibre Broadband service customer registering with the same HKID can enjoy HK$23 rebate within contract period (average monthly fee is HK$45); other customers can enjoy HK$13 rebate within contract period (average monthly fee is HK$55).

* Voice recorded call alerts sent via SMS to SmarTone mobile numbers are free. For other mobile operators, an HK$1 charge per SMS applies.

Subscription to designated mobile service plan / HomePhone+ can enjoy up to 9-Month Fee Waiver for Fibre Broadband service, when you also subscribe to Fibre Broadband service for your home.

Services Service Fee
Call Guard HK$25

24-month contract
Connecting Tone HK$20 (includes 1 connecting tone change)
Extra changes: HK$5 - HK$8 / selection

  • Find out more about our other services charges, please click here

IDD 001

Countries Dial to fixed-line
(charge per minute)
Dial to mobile
(charge per minute)
China HK$0.23 HK$0.23
Canada HK$0.23 HK$0.23
Britain HK$0.23 HK$1.86
America HK$0.23 HK$0.23
Australia HK$0.26 HK$1.86
Taiwan HK$0.28 HK$0.88
Please refer to business subscriber / residential subscriber for IDD charges.

Use IDD password controls to avoid unauthorised use. A password will be assigned at service activation. Should you need to reset it, you can call our 24-hour hotline. After verification, you can change your password.

To make IDD calls protected by IDD password controls, follow the below steps.

001+country code+destination number + follow voice instruction +6-digit PIN

Terms and Conditions for this plan

  • The above monthly plan is for residential use only. If the subscriber is registered with a business registration certificate, the monthly fee for the plan will be HK$88.
  • Customers are required to make a HK$300 service prepayment from which charges will be deducted.
  • Please call our hotline 1-839-839 for details of IDD 001 charges for business and other overseas plans.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click $68 Price Plan / Call Guard for details.
    Home Fibre Broadband Service Offer
  • Subscription to designated mobile service plan with the registration of Fibre Broadband service under the same account /Subscription to any HomePhone+ with the registration of ST Fibre Broadband under the same HKID is required.
  • The offer only applies to customers registering for broadband service at a designated resident address.
  • The number of monthly fee waiver depends on the Fibre Broadband’s service plan selected.
  • The waived monthly fee only includes basic Broadband Service, excluding entertainment pack.
  • The total waived monthly fee will be credited to the customer account over the contract period of the Service Plan. (Monthly rebate = The total waived monthly fee/30months)