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Roaming Data Day Plan

Q1: Is the Roaming Data Day Plan available to all customers?

Roaming Data Day Plan is available to any SmarTone customers with a monthly service plan subscription.

Q2: How do I choose between Virtual WiFi Egg and Roaming Data Day Plan?

These two plans are designed to meet the different needs of SmarTone customers. If you want to enjoy data roaming for email, Internet browsing and social media, Virtual WiFi Egg offers you enjoy great value for only HK$68/day in popular Asian destinations, Australia and New Zealand. You can also use it in 52 other designated destinations including Canada, the USA and Europe for HK$128 a day. When daily data usage reaches 300MB, the data speed will be set at up to 128kbps while you continue to enjoy data roaming.

If you wish to freely enjoy a wide range of applications including video streaming and download as much as you like at a wide selection of destinations, over 150 of them, we recommend you to subscribe to our Roaming Data Day Plan.

Q3: Does Roaming Data Day Plan cover all kinds of data usage?

Roaming Data Day Plan can be used for email, apps, browsing, VoIP and tethering, but excludes peer-to-peer applications, FTP file sharing and webcam applications.

Q4: How is a day defined for Roaming Data Day Plan?

A day is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 local time of the visited destination.

Q5: Which phones or tablets support Roaming Data Day Plan?

Roaming Data Day Plan can be used on all smartphones, tablets or iPads.

Q6: If I have subscribed to the day plan but did not use any roaming data, will I still be charged?

No. You will not be charged. The daily rate will only be incurred once you start using roaming data.

Q7: Do I automatically enjoy the fixed daily rates of Roaming Data Day Plan, if I have already activated data roaming service?

To enjoy the fixed daily rates, you have to subscribe to Roaming Data Day Plan. Otherwise standard roaming data charges will be incurred.

Q8: Can I register for Virtual WiFi Egg and Roaming Data Day Plan at the same time?

Each mobile number can only subscribe to one day plan at the same time.

Q9: Why should I use Roaming Data Day Plan instead of pocket WiFi?

With Roaming Data Day Plan, you enjoy a host of great benefits that pocket WiFi cannot offer:

  • Convenience - unlike pocket WiFi rental which requires reservation, pickup and return, once you have registered for the service, it will be automatically activated when you are abroad. It also saves the hassle of having to bring an additional charger for the pocket Wi-Fi.
  • Freedom - enjoy more personal space as you do not have to accompany with your friends and family in order to stay connected to WiFi when shopping, visiting museum and or sightseeing, etc.
  • No data or financial waste - unlike pocket WiFi rental that often incurs charges for a longer pre-determined peri od than your travel days, the charges for Roaming Data Day Plan are only incurred once you start using roaming data.