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Q1: Do we need to pay for downloading "Spend it" coupon?

HK$10 will be charged each time you download a coupon. When you use it within the validity period, you will get a HK$12 back. It will be credited to your next phone bill. For prepaid customers, the HK$12 will be credited back to the SmarTone stored-value SIM account on the same day.

Q2: Is there a limit on the number of coupons I can download?

Some offers may be limited to one download per person, while others may allow multiple downloads. The terms and conditions of each offer are different. You can find the details of each offer in the individual offer-pages inside Spend it.

Q3: Where can I find my downloaded coupons?

You can access your downloaded coupons in "My coupons". It contains your unused, redeemed and expired coupons.

Q4: How do I redeem an offer?

You can simply visit the related merchant and present the coupon you saved in "Spend it" at the cashier. The merchant will verify your coupon and accept payment from your redemption.

Q5: What can I do if the QR Code of my coupon cannot be verified during redemption?

Please go into "My coupons" and retrieve the relevant merchant coupon again, then tap "Redeem Now" to generate your QR code and present it to the merchant again for verification.

Q6: Is "Spend it" available to all customers?

"Spend it" is currently available exclusively to all SmarTone customers subscribed to monthly plans and customers using SmarTone store-value SIM which supports data service, except PayGo.

Q7: Can I share my coupons with friends?

No. You can only redeem the offer with the QR code directly generated by "Spend it". All QR codes generated by any other methods, including image captures of the QR code, are invalid and will not be accepted by merchants.

Q8: What can I do to ensure that HK$12 will be credited back after redeeming the offer?

In order to get the HK$12 back, you must first use the coupon within the validity period. After you have used your coupon, please go to “My coupons” and check under the “Redeemed” section to see if the used coupon is listed. If you cannot view it, keep the sales receipt issued by the relevant merchant and contact our service hotline at 2880 2688 or visit any one of our stores.

Q9: Can I use "Spend it" on WiFi?

No. It can only be used on the SmarTone mobile network.

Q10: Which smartphone platforms support "Spend it"?

"Spend it" can be used on smartphones running iOS 6.0 or above and Android 4.0 or above.