Pay by SmarTone Bill


You can now use your SmarTone account to pay on App Store, Apple Music and iTunes.
It’s a safe, secure, and easy way to pay for the entertainment you love.


Get set up

  1. Open “Settings”, then tap (or sign in to) your Apple ID. 
  2. Tap “Payment & Shipping”.
  3. Tap “Add Payment Method”.
  4. Tap “Mobile Phone and “Use This Mobile Number” (SmarTone mobile number), tap "Submit". 
Your account will now charge all future purchases to
your mobile phone bill.
A. Frequently Asked Question
  • Q1What are the types of digital content I can purchase using "Pay by SmarTone Bill" as a payment method?

    At present, you can make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, subscribe to Apple Music, and buy iCloud storage.

  • Q2How do I sign up for this service?

    You will need to set up an Apple ID before using this service. Once you have an Apple ID, you will be able to set up "Pay by SmarTone Bill".

  • Q3Is "Pay by SmarTone Bill" available to all customers?

    This service is currently available to SmarTone customers with monthly mobile bill account except PayGo customers, SmarTone stored-value SIM customers, or customers who have subscribed with a business registration.

  • Q4Is it necessary to insert the SIM card in the mobile devicein order to use this service?

    No.If you have signed up for this service with your Apple ID, Apple will verify your transactions even without your SIM card inserted in the device.

B. Payments and Purchases
  • Q1 Is there a maximum purchase amount that can be charged to my SmarTone bill through "Pay by SmarTone Bill"?

    Yes. For every newly opened monthly bill account for mobile telephone services, purchases of up to HK$300 can be made every month via "Pay by SmarTone Bill" within the first 180 days after the activation of the service. Thereafter, the limit will change to HK$800 per month. The period of each monthly limit starts from the first day of the calendar month and ends on the last day of the calendar month.

  • Q2I have set up "Pay by SmarTone Bill" for my Apple ID. Can I charge transactionsto my SmarTone bill on other Apple devices logged in with the same Apple ID?

    Yes. "Pay by SmarTone Bill" will be set as the default payment mode of your Apple ID. This setting will apply to other Apple devices if you log in withthe same Apple ID.

  • Q3I have multiple Apple devices logged in with the same Apple ID. Can I disable "Pay by SmarTone Bill" for specific devices?

    No. As the payment setting is tied to your Apple ID, you cannot disable "Pay by SmarTone Bill" for specific Apple devices.

  • Q4Can I charge my transactions to another SmarTone mobile number using the same Apple ID?
    A4 Yes. Please follow these steps to charge your transactions to another SmarTone mobile number:
    1. Open the App store app, scroll to the bottom and select your Apple ID.
    2. Select ‘View Apple ID’.
    3. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
    4. Select ‘Payment Information’ and click ‘Done’.
    5. Select ‘Mobile Phone’ and then ‘Use a Different Mobile Number’.
    6. Enter the mobile number you wish to charge your purchases to
    7. Fill in the account information and click ‘Next’. A verification code will be sent to you.
    8. Once the code has been verified, you will be returned to the Account screen.
    9. Select ‘Done’ and you are now ready to make purchases!
  • Q5What happens if I change my mobile number? Will I need to set up "Pay by SmarTone Bill" again?

    Yes, you will need to set up "Pay by SmarTone Bill" again.

  • Q6How can I disable "Pay by SmarTone Bill" on my SmarTone mobile number?

    Please contact us through the hotline or visit our stores, we will be glad to offer assistance.

C. Technology Requirements
  • Q1Do I need Internet access to use "Pay by SmarTone Bill"?

    Yes. In order to use "Pay by SmarTone Bill", you must be connected to Internet via mobile data or WiFi.

D. Data Charges
  • Q1Apart from the amount charged for the transaction, are there additional fees to use "Pay by SmarTone Bill" service?

    Downloading or browsing this service will require Internet connection, in which use of mobile data may incur charges. If the service is used abroad without using WiFi, standard roaming data charges will be applicable.

E. Cancellation And Refund Requests
  • Q1I have been wrongly charged for a purchase. How do I request for refund?

    To request cancellation of transactions or refunds, please contact Apple through

  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.