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*131* PhoneHome

Charge comparison of calls made to Hong Kong while roaming:

Country Destination Standard roaming
charges per minute*
*131* PhoneHome
charges per minute#
Savings up to %
China All provinces excluding Guangdong HK$6.83 HK$6.00 12%
Guangdong province HK$6.83 HK$6.00 12%
Macau HK$7.75 HK$5.38 30%
Shenzhen & Shekou HK$6.28 HK$5.00 20%
Southeast Asia Japan^ HK$19.00 HK$13.00 31%
Singapore HK$13.10 HK$5.90 54%
Taiwan HK$13.50 HK$5.90 56%
Thailand HK$14.74 HK$7.98 45%
North America Canada+ HK$19.18 HK$12.60 34%
USA+ HK$30.00 HK$12.60 58%
Europe France & Monaco HK$38.80 HK$22.00 43%
Germany HK$35.00 HK$14.50 58%
United Kingdom HK$36.80 HK$18.00 51%
Australia Australia HK$23.38 HK$11.00 52%
Asia Pacific Bangladesh HK$26.31 HK$7.80 70%

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  • Standard roaming charges are based on calling Hong Kong during peak periods as of 1 Dec 2017.
  • Rates for *131* PhoneHome are effective from 1 Dec 2017.
  • Customers are required to have a W-CDMA (3G) phone.
  • Customers are required to have a triband (GSM 850/1900) phone.

Terms and Conditions for this Service

  • *131* PhoneHome call charges will be incurred once the system calls back the Calling Party, including call connection and ring times. If the Calling Party answers the call back, charges will apply regardless of whether the other party picks up or if the line is engaged. If the system call back is not answered by Calling Party, then no charges apply. If the system call back is forwarded to another line or answered by an automatic system (like voicemail), charges still apply.
  • *131* PhoneHome call charges will be incurred when using *131* PhoneHome to listen to voicemail.
  • Tariffs quoted are approximates for reference only. They are subject to change by call type, charging unit, network operator charges and discretion, duration, overseas tax rates, and exchange rate fluctuations, all without prior notice. The call record in the system shall prevail for all purposes.