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“Consent and Use” Feature

SmarTone brings you more flexibility for your data roaming service with the launch of “Consent and Use” feature.

Upon arrival of your travel, you will receive a “Consent and Use” SMS and we will only activate your data roaming service after receiving your consent, roam and relax with SmarTone!


  • "Consent and Use" is only applicable to customers who subscribed to "Data Roaming Day Pass/Multi-Day Roaming Data Pack"/ "Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan”
  • Customers will receive "Consent and Use" SMS every 7 days while staying at the same country/area
  • Customers will receive another "Consent and Use" SMS when travelling to a different country/area
  • "Consent and Use" feature will be suspended upon customers' return to Hong Kong, then reactivated when customers return overseas

Click WhatsApp, call 24-hr International Toll-Free Roaming Hotline +852 27936397 or visit our stores to activate!