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Prepaid Travel Data Card

From 1 Mar 2017 to 31 Mar 2017, purchase a Japan, South Korea OR Europe Prepaid Travel Card, you can get a HK$50 Hung Fook Tong gift voucher for FREE.

Don’t miss it. Limited time and quantity. While stocks last !
Prepaid Travel Data Card Price Roaming Data & Validity
China and Macau HK$88 Enjoy 500MB for 3 days*
HK$118 Enjoy 1GB for 7 days*
Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia HK$228
( Free HK$50 gift voucher)
Use all you want for 7 days
South Korea and Thailand HK$228
( Free HK$50 gift voucher)
Use all you want for 5 days
Europe :
United Kingdom , France, Germany, Italy, Vatican City , Switzerland , Spain, Netherlands , Austria, Finland , Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Iceland, Ireland , Greece, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Malta, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria , Albania, Ukraine, Macedonia and Belarus

America :
USA , Canada , Hawaii and US Virgin Islands

Australia and New Zealand
( Free HK$50 gift voucher)
Enjoy 1GB for 15 days*
( Free HK$50 gift voucher)
Enjoy 1.5GB for 30 days*

Easily share data with your friends and family and your other devices! When you purchase any of the above Prepaid Travel Data Cards you will also receive a 10% discount on our selected 4G Pocket Wi-Fi

*The card will be deactivated after the data has been used up.


  • Roaming data can be used in the applicable destinations stated on the respective Prepaid Travel Data Card.
  • The card will be automatically activated once data has been used upon roaming.
  • Data service can be used from the activation date to 23:59 (Hong Kong time) on the last day, based on the number of days stated on the Prepaid Travel Data Card.
  • The card supports roaming data only (including tethering). Voice, SMS and other services are not available.
  • The card is for one-off use only. Top-up is not applicable.
  • Roaming data is only applicable to designated operators. Designated operators may change from time to time. Click here for destinations and operators list.

Terms and conditions for the Hung Fook Tong promotion

  • There is no limit on the number of cards to be purchased during the promotion period. Each card will be eligible for one FREE Hung Fook Tong HK$50 gift voucher.
  • Gift voucher cannot be returned or exchanged for money.
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Prepaid Travel Data Card offers.
  • The offer is not applicable to the Prepaid Travel Data Card purchased at vending machine.
  • Our Company reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotions and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Terms and Conditions for this Service

  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-I026 for details.