When was the last time you smiled?

In this city of millions, we're dedicated to making more smiles every day and committed to understanding the genuine needs of different customers. With our fast, stable and smooth network and full range of services, we hope to delight our customers and bring smiles to their faces.

Powerbank Free Rental

It's a real hassle if your phone battery runs out when you're on the go. With our free Powerbank Rental Service, simply drop by our store and we'll lend you a powerbank for free. For your extra convenience, you can return it to any of our stores.
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Smile Crew

Our Smile Crew is dedicated to understanding your needs and providing you with thoughtful service. Your smile is our reward – because "We're for smiles".

Call Guard

Junk calls can be a nuisance. Our exclusive Call Guard blocks junk calls at the mobile network before they reach you. To avoid disturbances, feel free to enjoy a quiet moment anytime.
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ST Protect

Mobile threats and cyber attacks are on the rise and can lead to severe financial and personal information loss. ST Protect's Artificial Intelligence effectively protects your smartphone from known and even unknown mobile threats, giving you total peace of mind.
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SmarTone Screen Replace™

Accidents happen. Breaking your screen is inconvenient and repair can be costly. With SmarTone Screen Replace™, if your phone screen is accidentally broken, we will replace it for free.
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Phone Content Transfer Service

Transferring content to your new phone can be a headache, so enjoy our free Phone Content Transfer Service – an expert-led, hassle-free service at any of our stores or Smartone Customer Centres. We'll help you move the content from your old phone to new phone for free.
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Birthday Delight

On your special day, we hope to delight you with our best wishes or a thoughtfully selected gift.


PriorityPlus™ is thoughtfully curated for our elite customers who are so dear and special to us. Our PriorityPlus™ members are invited to savour a world of exceptional privilege, refined experience and ultimate care.
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Live Chat

We understand you lead a busy life and may not have the time to visit our stores or even call our customer service hotline during the day. With our Live Chat, you can conveniently access our customer service officers any time of the day, or even night. So smile – we're only a few clicks away!


We're committed to understanding what you really need and delighting you with our series of TrueCare™ services.

4.5G Powerful Network

We are offering you a faster, smoother and more stable mobile experience.

2100MHz LTE in MTR

We have unleashed our powerful 2100MHz LTE network in MTR to bring you a faster, smoother and more stable mobile experience.
Actual customer Internet experience can vary due to factors such as the relative position between you and the base station, the download server source, Internet traffic conditions, the number of users, users' devices and other factors that may arise.

Better Indoor Coverage

SmarTone's 4G LTE network offers comprehensive coverage. We utilise the 900MHz low-frequency spectrum to achieve higher penetration in Hong Kong's high-density environment, providing you a better indoor internet experience.

15 Minute Network Checks

To ensure that you enjoy a fast, stable and smooth internet, we closely monitor our network in real time. Network checks are conducted every 15 minutes, and resource allocation adjustments are made to ensure your optimal enjoyment.

Network Feedback at SmarTone CARE

Your internet experience is important to us. If you encounter any network problems, you can conveniently let us know through SmarTone CARE. We'll promptly follow up and make any necessary improvements to give you an even better internet experience.


When you subscribe to a new mobile plan, you may not know for sure how much data you need. We are the first in the market to offer you Flexi-switch, giving you the flexibility to change your plan once within 3 months of signing a new contract. Second chances are a great reason to smile!

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