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ST WiFi Calling
ST WiFi Calling
Call Hong Kong from overseas when connected to WiFi
ST WiFi Calling saves roaming charges for calls to any Hong Kong numbers and for receiving calls from anywhere in the world.

The other party of the call does not have to be a SmarTone subscriber nor does he need to install the ST WiFi Calling app. Therefore, you can enjoy the service with minimum hassle.

What’s more, when you are in Hong Kong and places where mobile signal is weak or suffers from interference, you can still make and receive calls with ST WiFi Calling and stay fully connected.
Key Features:
Enjoy the voice call features that you are accustomed to
Enjoy the voice call features that you are accustomed to
  • Use your own mobile number so your receiving party can see your usual caller ID
  • Voicemail together with alerts for any missed calls
  • Supports call waiting and lets you keep your usual connecting tone
  • Shares your handset’s phone book for easy contact management
Current. Relevant. Easy to use.
Current. Relevant. Easy to use.
  • Supports dual SIM and eSIM. Dual SIM users need only select SmarTone SIM when using ST WiFi Calling
  • Simple User Flow: Connect to WiFi, then open the "ST WiFi Calling" app and keep it running in the background to call out or receive calls